DIY Birthday Card Ideas You'll Love

A thoughtful DIY birthday card is a fun way to show someone you care and is much more personalized than a (dare I say it) boring store-bought card. Sometimes a DIY card can be so special it actually makes for a great birthday gift itself.

Here are some DIY birthday card making ideas to inspire you for your next card project!

Kids Birthday Cards

Making birthday cards for kids is a lot of fun! It gives you a chance to use cute prints and clever techniques that just wouldn't work on an adult's card. Knowing how much my kids love finding surprises, I created this cute birthday card idea that will allow something small to be hidden such as some money or candy.

One thing I love about making birthday cards for kids is that you can get really creative with the card shape and completely abandon the concept of a traditional rectangle or square card.

This card is shaped like a bear! It features a little flap that folds up from his bottom towards his head, creating a little hiding pouch that is kept in place by his arms.

When the child unties the bow to open the bear's arms and folds down the flap, they will find their surprise and personal message written inside.

It's kind of like a bear hug!

kid's birthday card | handmade birthday card

Mom or Dad Birthday Card

This birthday card is non-gender specific and will work as both birthday card ideas for mom and dad. The balloons are the card's main feature so the rest of the card can be kept quite muted in color to allow the balloons to really stand out.

The balloons are created by sponge painting bright dobs of color on a sheet of printing paper or thick card. When the paint dries, hand draw a few balloon shapes of different sizes and cut them out.
Adhere them to the front of the card using double-sided foam squares or strips so that they sit off the card in a 3D fashion. The strings can be hand-drawn on or you could use actual string as an embellishment.

This would work well for star shapes too ... without the balloon strings of course!

happy birthday cards | personalized birthday card

Friendship Birthday Cards

In our modern, busy lives it can often be hard to maintain our friendships the way that we would like to. Between the kids, work, and family life, I often find that catching up with friends only happens on special occasions ... like a birthday!

I love the idea of making birthday cards for friends to show them I still care and value their friendship. The birthday candle card below is made with one of my favorite embellishments of all time, Washi Tape.

You'll see in the example that I've laid down strips of different lengths of colorful Washi tape to represent candles, and with a yellow highlighter, have hand-drawn a flame on top of each one. The candles are finished off by placing a black mark in the flame to represent the wick.

All you need to do now is write a nice message for your friend!

Birthday candles | birthday card ideas for friend

Sibling Birthday Card

As we get older, we often don't like to admit to the number on our birthday cards. Especially if it's a milestone number! With that in mind, and being the youngest sibling, what better card to make for my older brother than one that pokes fun at the concept of ''not admitting'' your age.

You'll see in the example below that I have gently poked fun of the wonderful milestone of 50 years of age by writing, ''49 + 1''.

The birthday card has been embellished quite simply with some hand-made bunting made from string and bright pieces of scrap paper.

Of course, you don't have to tease your sibling with their birthday card. It will look just as great with the words ''Happy Birthday'' written under the cute bunting!

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fun birthday card idea

Grandparents Birthday Card

Making an annual birthday card for grandparents can be a lot of fun as it's something the kids might like to get involved in as well. Being that my kids still have their ''learners'' when it comes to intricate crafts, I came up with an eye-catching card that would both look great and was simple enough for little hands to help out with.

Using strips of scrap paper, we weaved them to make a feature pattern on the front of the card. A personalized embellishment - in our case a fish for fishing-mad grandpa - was placed on top with double-sided foam tape to make the card pop.

We made sure to leave a border around the weaving pattern so that we could write a message and the card didn't look too cluttered.

This birthday card idea works well for Grandma as well. All you need to do is gather strips of colored scrap paper that Grandma will like and use a personal embellishment just for her.

grandparent homemade birthday card ideas

General Birthday Cards

I LOVE to make general birthday cards to keep in my ''card stash''. This is mostly because I just like making cards but also, they actually come in really handy when you're short on time and have been invited to a birthday get-together.

Do you know what the best part is? It's making a birthday card simply for the fact that you like making cards, and as that you're not making it for anyone in particular, there is no pressure.

The card in the example below is a good opportunity to use up smalls scraps of paper. Using various paper cutters, I have cut out a few different sizes of different colored paper and layered them to look like flowers.

Once I was happy with the placement, I attached them with double-sided foam tape to make them pop out a little.

I have left the message generic as I really have no clue who will receive it at this stage ... but it was fun to make!

easy diy birthday card | homemade birthday cards
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I hope you have found some inspiration in the DIY birthday card ideas above. I would love to see your interpretation of these cool card ideas for a birthday card if you decide to make one of your own.
Happy card making!
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