Cute DIY Birthday Cards for Every Month of the Year!

Finding inspiration for cute DIY birthday card ideas can be tricky. I know who the card is intended for and how old they're turning, but how do I come up with a theme?

I recently found inspiration in the unlikeliest of places, a website that details all of the National Days and National Months of the Year. Did you know that January is National Blood Donor Month, or that May 21 is National Pizza Party Day?

Although some National Days are designed to draw attention to important causes, some are just downright silly and fun. These are the ones I have drawn inspiration from.

I have created a cute DIY birthday card for every month of the year based on a theme celebrated that month. Some are cheeky, none are serious, and many have a food theme!

Wouldn't it be fun to make a birthday card every day of the year for a whole year?
  Table Of Contents
1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May
  6. June
  7. July
  8. August
  9. September
 10. October
 11. November
 12. December
 13. Final Thoughts

January - Cute DIY Birthday Card

It was a toss-up between National Hot Tea Month or National Walk Your Dog Month, I went with Hot Tea.... Just so I could write, Happy Birthday to a Hot-Tea (see what I did there?).

Actually, this handmade birthday card was a pretty quick card to make. The teapot was a DIY printable and the remainder of the elements were simple shapes cut from cardstock. The little red hearts were created with a mini craft paper punch. This homemade birthday card idea is pretty straight forward, so you can create a cute card like this in just a matter of minutes!
ideas for birthday cards

February - Cute DIY Birthday Cards

Apparently, February is Great American Pie Month. Mmmm Pie. I went with a classic pumpkin pie and the words, Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie.

This card was easy to make and I love how it turned out. I created the card base out of black card stock and recycled a brown textured envelope that has been floating around my office for a few months for the second layer.

Using a craft knife, I cut a peek hole in the second layer of this DIY birthday greeting card so that it could peek through onto the pumpkin pie on the table. Initially, I planned on turning this into a pop up birthday card, but got this better idea instead. The pumpkin pie itself was a DIY printable and the table it sits on was a card stock I took from my scrap paper scraps.

I printed the simple Happy Birthday card greeting on a piece of colored paper and mounted it into a card stock. Using a copper-colored gel pen, I just doodled heat waves over the pumpkin pie.


fun card diy

March - Cute DIY Birthday Cards

March is National Umbrella Month. Who would have thought there was such a thing, right! And that's exactly where I got some of my birthday card ideas for this month. And this one in particular is a fairly simple handmade birthday cards idea you might want to do yourself.

For this birthday card I'm using a bright-colored card stock base and an off-white piece of card for the second layer. The words, Rain or shine - your birthdays on my mind, were created as a free printable and mounted onto cardstock. The umbrella and raindrops were hand-drawn using some brush tip markers.

Here's a quick tip though, you can use a cocktail umbrella for this birthday card design. Since it's a handmade card, you can also cut out the rain drops, use stickers, or even washi tape! You can do a lot to tweak this design in a way that suits your taste or the preference of your DIY birthday card recipient.

Plus, this makes a cute DIY birthday card for mom to let her know you're thinking of her on her birthday. You don't have to limit yourself into thinking that you can use this only as a handmade birthday card layout, you can use it too as a greeting card to wish someone to have a better day when they're feeling down or sick.
cute card ideas for birthday

April - Cute DIY Birthday Cards

April is International Guitar Month! There were so many ways that I could have gone with this homemade birthday card but I eventually went with a design that incorporated some mock guitar strings.

Again, this birthday card is quite simple to make with no special equipment required. A peek hole was cut into the front of the card to act as the guitar's soundhole. Next, I wrote the words, Happy Birthday, inside the card so that it could be seen from the front through the peek hole.

Using a white gel pen, I drew in the circle decoration reminiscent of what you would usually see on an acoustic guitar. The twine was glued on for the strings with a final piece of scrap cut into the shape of a rectangle with rounded corners for the bridge of the guitars. The bridge also covered up the messy ends of the twine neatly.
happy birthday card for friend

May - Cute DIY Birthday Cards

Possibly one of my favorite national months ... May is National Hamburger Month. This card is a little cheeky as far as greeting cards for birthdays go, it's probably more suited for a wife to give her husband.

As you can see, this cute DIY birthday card is also super simple. The burger itself was a free printable but I drew the eyes, mouth, and cheeks on using blue, black, and pink brush tip markers.

The words, Nice Buns, were handwritten but the words, Old Man, were a DIY printable mounted onto some gold foil cardstock scrap.
I just love a cheeky card, don't you?
simple homemade birthday greeting card for grandpa

June - Cute DIY Birthday Cards

Don't tell my kids but June is National Candy Month. Shhhh. I try to sneak in a DIY birthday card using washi tape in nearly every card-making session and well, here it is.

I started with a pre-made brightly colored card base and using three strips of washi tape, placed them on an off-center diagonal across the card. The words and candy were DIY printables and both were mounted onto white cardstock to give them some stability.

The candy was adhered to the washi tape strips using self-adhesive foam squares to allow it to pop off the front of the card a little. I actually love creating handmade birthday cards using washi tape.
sweet handmade birthday cards

July - Cute DIY Birthday Cards

Now that we're in the thick of Summer, I'm not surprised that July is National Ice-Cream Month. So instead of creating a birthday cake embellishment or a balloon birthday card, this one definitely comes with a sweater happy birthday twist.

I actually really enjoyed making this card. There was something strangely satisfying about cutting out all those ice-cream tops and layering them on top of each other. It was also a great way to use up some scraps!

This card started with a dark brown cardstock base with a second layer of a shiny silver metallic finish. The words, It's your birthday - treat yourself, were created as a DIY printable and mounted onto a light brown colored piece of scrap cardstock.

I created a small template for the ice cream and traced it onto the back of some scrap paper. These were then cut out and layered on the page. When I was happy with my ice-cream tower, I glued them on and added some sparkly gems to represent sprinkles or candy.
pop up birthday card for friend

August - Cute DIY Birthday Cards

Although back to school varies widely depending on what state you reside in, August is officially Back to School Month. This cute card is designed with a school theme for dad but as far as greeting cards for birthdays go, it would work just as well for mom or a teacher's birthday.

Starting with a dark green cardstock base, I stuck down the second layer in off-white. The apple was a DIY printable and the words were a combination of handwritten and die-cut stickers.
card diy for dad

September - Cute DIY Birthday Cards

September has a lot going on but I eventually settled on National Chicken Month for my inspiration. A bit sick of the standard card shapes by now, I opted to change it up by making a really simple chicken shape.

The entire card is made from scrap cardstock and it opens from the bottom. The words, party night, were a sticker from a birthday-themed sticker sheet that I already had.
diy card for birthdays

October - Cute DIY Birthday Cards

While still on the theme of food, October is National Dessert Month. Now, you could use any dessert for this theme but I went with a DIY printable ice cream. As you can see, this card is also super simple.

I used a white piece of cardstock for the base and the other pink elements were scrap pieces of paper. Starting with a rectangle piece for the pink elements, I drew a circle using a protractor with the top and bottom of the circle going over the edge of the paper. Once I cut out the circle using a craft knife, I was left with the pieces below (see the photographs) which I simply glued on with a glue stick.
cute birthday card ideas

November - Cute DIY Birthday Cards

November is No Shave November and this is possibly my favorite theme across the whole year. Not because of the way it turned out, but because I got to write the cheesiest and cheekiest line ever in, I mustache you a question ... are you really that old?

There is so much you could do with these DIY printable mustaches and I would love to create a bunch of different cards based on these. They're just hilarious!

I used a light-colored yellow piece of cardstock for the base and some striped washi tape for the border. The mustaches were printed onto white cardstock so that I could leave a little border around them when I cut them out. These were mounted to the front of the card using double-sided foam squares to give them a little pop.
card diy for men

December - Cute DIY Birthday Cards

December is of course the Month of Giving ... no surprises here. I just love gluing down squares, there is something strangely satisfying about it when they all align up correctly.

This card was created using scrap cardstock for the square gifts, scrap metallic finish cardstock for the mock ribbon, and a DIY printable mounted onto purple cardstock for the words. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
gift card birthday card design
So there you have it, a birthday card for every single month of the year. Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places and I would love to hear of what has inspired you unexpectedly.

Happy Handmade Birthday Cards Making!
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