12 DIY Ideas For Creating Funny Handmade Birthday Cards

funny birthday card ideas
Birthday cards don't always have to be sunshine and flowers. A funny handmade birthday card can be exciting to give your loved ones, particularly when it comes to handmade birthday cards for siblings.
Being the youngest, I love to tease my older brother when he hits all the ''age'' milestones before me!

The great thing about funny cards is that the card making itself can be kept quite simple so that the attention is on the humor.
After all, there is no need to wow someone with tricky folds and elaborate layering when the focus of the card is on the joke.

Here are some fun DIY birthday card ideas that are both simple, funny, and well ... sometimes a little tongue in cheek.
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12 Funny Birthday Card Ideas


Like many humorous cards, this funny handmade birthday card pokes fun at a person's age, with the words, "It's never too late to be what you want to be ... Unless you want to be younger."

This card is really simple to make!

Starting with a white base, I added a blue layer for the background and another red layer covering the bottom third of the page. The red layer was cut in a wavy type pattern to add interest.

The words were printed onto paper and using a gold paint pen, I drew a wavy border around them and cut them out. This was adhered to the card using a glue stick.

The laughing cat in a cute super-cat outfit was hand-drawn but if you're not confident using your own doodles on your funny handmade birthday cards, you could easily use a DIY printable or find a cute/funny picture in a magazine or children's book.

To finish it off, I cut out the cat and adhered it with double-sided foam squares to add some interest by making it pop a little.
diy funny birthday cards
Create a funny greeting card with a cat design!


The humor in this card is based around the wording, which hints at a swear word. Labeled with the words, "Happy Ducking Birthday," this card is not suitable for kids!

Starting with a white base, the words were written in gold paint pen. After the paint had dried, I then got a black fine tip marker and wrote the words again on top to make the whole thing easier to see and read.
Next, I cut out some stylized waves in blue cardstock and adhered them using a glue stick. I then cut the ducks out of yellow cardstock and colored in the beaks, adding in the eye and wing, etc.
For a final touch, I adhered the ducks using double-sided foam squares to make them pop out a little.
funny greeting
Make your birthday card funny with clever euphemisms.


With the words, "In dog years ... you'd be dead, Happy Birthday," this tongue-in-cheek card clearly jokes at a person's age.

Starting with a black cardstock base that folds along the top and opens from the bottom, the words were written in silver paint pen and a fine tip marker.

The little dog doing stretches was a quick hand-drawn doodle but again, you could easily make this from a DIY printable or cut out a picture from a magazine or children's book.
birthday card dog
Celebrate with silly birthday cards everyone will love.


This card's humor is centered on the fact that the giver of the birthday card is not getting the recipient a present. Perfect sibling card if you ask me!

This funny handmade birthday card was particularly simple. The words ''treat yourself," were handwritten with a fine tip marker, and the words, "Because I didn't get you anything," were a DIY printable that was cut out and mounted onto a piece of red cardstock.

The presents and cupcake were cut from a patterned piece of scrap paper and adhered using both a glue stick and double-sided foam squares.
birthday card funny
Forgot to buy a present? Here's a clever way to appease with a funny card!


This card plays around with a person reaching a particular age milestone by using mock scrabble tiles and the words, "Don't worry ... you're only 14 in Scrabble!."

The card was pretty quick to make. Starting with a black card base, the words were printed onto white paper which was then mounted onto some scrap patterned paper in a banner style.

I would have preferred to have used real Scrabble tiles but I didn't have any on hand, so I created some mock tiles using a letter stamp set to spell out the letters, F I F T Y.
Next I carefully cut out the letters in a perfect square and added the corresponding scrabble value at the bottom right of the square with a fine tip marker. I had to google this!

Finally, I mounted my pretend Scrabble pieces onto the card with double-sided foam squares to make them pop out.
funny birthday greetings
Tease your loved one about their age!


This card is one of the few funny cards that does not playfully mock a person's age. It's a simple idea using the words, "Let's go bananas! It's your birthday."

The banana itself was hand-drawn on some thick card using a fine tip marker for the outline and pencils for the color. This was then cut out leaving a very small white border and mounted onto the card using double-sided foam squares.

You can tell I really love double-sided foam squares for card making, right?

The words were a DIY printable that was then mounted onto some yellow cardstock as a border to match the banana color scheme.
happy birthday humor
Cute banana card embellishment for a crazy and funny card!


This card makes fun of the current world situation in which we are all hyper-vigilant when it comes to germs. It reminds the person having a birthday not to blow their breath on the birthday cake.

The candle was created with a strip of washi tape on a white scrap piece of card, with the flame drawn on with a yellow marker and black fine tip pen.
The whole thing was cut out leaving a slim white border and glued onto the red card base with a glue stick.

The words were printed onto white paper and mounted onto some blue scrap card to make it stand out a little more against the card base. The mask was also a DIY printable but this was mounted with foam squares.
birthday card
Making the best out of a birthday during the pandemic.


This idea is perfect for giving to one of your favorite friends! It's not cheeky so it won't offend, instead, it's just a play on words with the title, "Happy Birthday to my best-tea."

As you can see, this card is super simple and was really quick to make. Starting with a bright pinky-purple card base, the words were handwritten with both silver paint pen and black fine tip marker.

The two strips of color are washi tape and the tea set is a DIY printable using these cute characters from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The tea set was mounted using foam squares.
Card funny birthday
How to make birthday card funny? Use puns!


Although a little tongue-in-cheek, this cute idea for a birthday card that reads "Happy Birthday. I love you with all my butt. (It's bigger than my heart)," is also unlikely to offend. After all, the giver is kind of making fun of themselves!

Starting with a bright purple base, a second layer of black was added to the front of the card. The words Happy Birthday were handwritten with a light purple gel pen and the remaining words were a DIY printable that was cut out and adhered with a glue stick.

The love hearts were cut from some scrap paper and adhered with both a glue stick for the larger heart and a foam square for the little heart.
silly happy birthday
Check out this cute birthday card!

IDEA #10

This funny handmade birthday card has no words! The fun comes from the shape and the humor is told through the bite out of the donut.

This card was possibly the simplest to make out of all of these ideas. The donut was a DIY printable which I printed directly onto the cardstock.
I then folded the card slightly along one of the curved edges and cut through both layers around the donut with a craft knife, making sure to leave a little bit to connect on the fold so it would act as the hinge.

The middle of the donut was also cut out using a craft knife and the bit piece was just quickly drawn on with a pencil and extracted with a piece of scissors. Finally, some pink glitter was added to the top.

It looks good enough to eat!🍩
funny printable birthday cards
Funny birthday cards using printables is something you can try too!

IDEA #11

This birthday card was fun to make as I actually set fire to the card as part of the process!

The card reads, "Your birthday has become a serious fire hazard," so it's another card that pokes fun at someone's age, referring to the number of candles needed on the cake.

The candles were created with washi tape and markers and the cake and words were DIY printables. The words were mounted onto some black cardstock to make them stand out more.

Here comes the fun part! I then ... carefully ... stuck the edge of the card into my fireplace and let it burn for a few seconds before tapping against the inside wall of the fireplace to put it out.
I don't recommend doing this inside as I did, it stunk the whole house out! Maybe just take it outside and use a lighter or match.
hillarious birthday card
This is how you make a birthday card funny!

IDEA #12

I really enjoy the child-like humor in this card although it took a little longer to make than the others as I hand drew nearly the whole thing. It's basically a humorous checklist explaining why the birthday card is late.

Reading, "This card is late because ..." the giver of the card then has the option of ticking either, "I forgot," or "I was saving the world from a mob of monsters." Clearly, the second choice is ticked and the imagery was hand-drawn to match.

You could really use anything cute or funny for this card .. the more childish the better! Maybe your card could be late because you fell off a unicorn, fought off a zombie invasion, or your dog ate the first card.

Note: For more birthday card ideas, check out our article"8 Birthday Card Ideas For Mom"!
funny birthday cards for friends
This card is perfect for a best friend birthday. Put it in an envelope for an added surprise!
Do you like making humorous cards? We would love to see your take on some of these cards or some of your own fun ideas for birthday cards.

Happy Card Making!
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