8 Birthday Card Ideas For Mom:
Super Easy Designs You Should Try

birthday card for mom ideas
There is one person in the whole wide world that I love coming up with birthday card ideas for ... and it's my mom! Why? Because like most other moms, she really values, understands, and appreciates the effort put into a handmade birthday card. I know she keeps them forever too!

A handmade card is better than any other gift. It is a great way to show mom how much you appreciate her on her birthday. So without further ado, here are eight birthday card ideas for mom that you can draw inspiration from.

Tip: Many of these birthday cards for mom would also work well for Mothers Day by simply changing the words from ''Happy Birthday'' to ''Happy Mother's Day.''

8 Awesome Homemade Birthday Cards For Your Mother

Birthday Card Idea for Mom #1

This lovely DIY birthday card is a great opportunity to use up your washi tape for your DIY birthday cards.
I love to use washi tape for cards as it's super versatile and more often than not, comes in amazing patterns.
I also love looking at and buying washing tape so obviously, I need to use it all up to justify buying more!

This card is a simple idea of laying down the washi tape in strips around the edges of a circle.
The circle is placed slightly hanging over the edge of the card. In this design, I made the card using a simple cardstock, but it would also look great if you use felt paper as well.
The circle is adhered to the card with thick foam squares to give it a little pop and this also hides the messy torn-off ends of the washi tape.
Don't have foam squares? We recommend these ones.

In this case, I have rounded off the end of the washi tape that shows with scissors and have drawn on the candle flames with a yellow marker.
A black fine-tipped pen is used to re-create a candlewick.
Washi tapes make amazing-looking candles, don't they?

This is one of those birthday card ideas that are pretty versatile and would also work as any other type of greetings card by tweaking just a few elements, such as changing the words.
Removing the flame and wick and cutting the ends of the washi tape a little pointier will instantly turn the candles into rays of the sun.
birthday card for mom

Birthday Card Idea for Mom #2

Flowers are a popular embellishment when it comes to making mom's birthday card. This design also works well with greeting cards.

The card below embraces the use of white space so that the flowers will stand alone as the focal point and really pop.
If you don't have any pre-made flower embellishments, you can get some here.
There are plenty of tutorials ranging from simple and sweet to incredibly detailed on the internet, here's a great flower embellishment clip for your DIY birthday card.
I printed a flower coloring page from the internet and colored them myself using Derwent pencils.

The DIY flowers are adhered to the card with double-sided foam to give them some depth. I did the same for the greetings.
DIY happy birthday card ideas for mom

Birthday Card Idea for Mom #3

This beautiful birthday card idea for mom is great for those with limited time and as a bonus, it uses up your stash of scrap art paper. The card is designed to look like a cute present with a large bow made from ribbon adhered to the front.
>> Click here to shop for some beautiful ribbon.

I think this is a great card for inserting a gift card, voucher, discount coupons, tickets, or cash. It's simple but it gives you the vibe of unwrapping a present.

This card could really work well as a birthday card or greeting card ... not just for mom but even for your dad, boyfriend, or any loved one too.
homemade birthday card ideas for mom

Birthday Card Idea for Mom #4

This creative homemade card is really simple and do you know what my favorite part is? I get to use some of the beautiful patterned art paper in my mini paper stacks.
I am a sucker for buying mini paper stacks as they usually only cost a few dollars and always adhere to a theme, meaning that most of the paper in the stack goes together.
>> Click here to see a few paper stacks (non themed)

The patterned paper is used as a second layer cut slightly smaller than the card face, with a circle cut out that reveals the card underneath. Within the circle is a cute graphic and this could be anything of your choosing.
This card is fun since you can customize the paper pattern and graphic to your mom's interests to make it really special. I've made quite a number of cards for mom using this design and she hasn't gotten tired of it... yet!
Birthday cards homemade

Birthday Card Idea for Mom #5

The central focus of this cool birthday card idea for your mother is the beautiful hand-drawn skirt on the figure. I have kept the body fairly simple so that the skirt can stand out on its own.

The skirt was drawn with the brush end of a copic marker and a white paint pen was used to add some sparkle.
I had originally intended to use glitter for the sparkle however, I didn't have the right color when it came to making the card.

The DIY border is made from glittery washi tape cut down the middle with some decorative zig-zag scissors. This DIY card is fairly simple and you can do it in a short period of time, it's perfect for those card makers who are pressed for time.
mom funny birthday card

Birthday Card Idea for Mom #6

This cute DIY birthday card idea is also perfect for mothers day or just any greeting card for any occasion. It has a really nice flow to it with the wavy ''yin and yang art'' design suggested in the background.
This was created by adding a second layer of cardstock on top of the blank base card. Although I have used a butterfly as an embellishment, this card is super versatile and the butterfly could easily be swapped out for something that you know your mom will love.
diy birthday cards for mom

Birthday Card Idea for Mom #7

This is another creative but simple birthday card design that embraces the use of white space to make the color really pop.
A patterned cardstock has been used as the base with two strips of white cards used as the top layer.
One edge of each strip of white card is finished with a craft paper punch that allows the patterned cardstock to show through once the white card adheres to it.

Go ahead and place your birthday message or mothers day greetings on both the top and bottom white pieces, allowing the beautiful pattern to shine through on its own. I love how the craft punches created such a subtle but stunning design on my DIY greeting card design.
happy birthday mom

Birthday Card Idea for Mom #8

Show your love for mom with this amazing birthday card design. It's surprisingly simple, using only cardstock shapes and wooden letters and shapes. A vertical strip is adhered down the middle of your card with three squares spread out evenly down this strip.

Except for the smaller star embellishments, which were created with a paper craft punch (like these ones), the card should be symmetrical. This means that if you drew an imaginary line down the middle vertically, both sides should be a mirror image reflection of each other.

Have fun mixing and matching plain and patterned cardstock and make your special birthday card for mom more lovable!
diy birthday card ideas for mom

As always, I really hope you have found some inspiration with these birthday cards for your mom's special day! I would love to see any cards you have made that are inspired by these.

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