4 Simple But Amazing Birthday Cards for Kids Layout Ideas

Happy Birthday card
When it comes to birthday greeting cards, printing out birthday ecard might be easy and convenient but coming up with DIY birthday card ideas is the best! I've always particularly enjoyed making birthday cards for kids because unlike adult cards, you can really be silly and fun with the design.

An adult probably won't appreciate a happy birthday pop-up or novelty embellishment in a card but a child will open it over and over again to see how it works.

Here are four ideas for kids' birthday cards that I hope you can draw some inspiration from.

4 Greeting Card Layouts That Will Put The Word "Happy" In "Happy Birthday"

Kids Birthday Cards Idea # 1

Most of the fun on this kids' birthday card happens when you actually open the card. A series of bright colored paper cut into balloons shapes and then glued together, unfolds with the opening of the card to represent a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon folds back in on itself when the birthday greeting card is closed.

On the front of the card, I printed the "happy birthday to you" using simple and neat looking font then cut it out and layered it on top of a blank paper to make a wonderful outline effect.

Dangling from the balloon is a cute bear holding a present. Although I have hand-drawn the bear, I think a stamped image would look really cute here too. The bear was drawn on a separate piece of textured paper, cut out, and adhered to the cardstock with foam sticky dots to give it depth.

The front of the card features a curvy-shaped cutout that reveals the bear inside but not the parachute. The parachute is a fun surprise!

cute birthday card ideas

Kids Birthday Cards Idea # 2

This happy birthday card idea plays on the theme of superheroes, a theme loved by little kids and big kids alike. The card is a little odd-shaped and is designed to represent a superhero shirt and cape.

There is a ''neck hole'' cut out at the top fold and the back is cut to flare out at the sides like a superhero cape. I have gone with the Captain America symbol and have created it by layering the circles and stars with cardstock but you could obviously use any symbol you like.

The superhero belt is made in the same manner by layering plain cardstock colors. I would love to make a whole series of these when I have more time!

homemade birthday card ideas

Kids Birthday Cards Idea # 3

This card is perfect for your little girl and I must say this birthday greeting card just takes the cake (mom joke .. sorry) because you are free to use up your really bright and bold patterns and plain pieces of scrap cardstock.

This birthday greeting card was inspired by a piece of scrapbooking cardstock that features bright cupcakes as the print. It's one of these very cupcakes that has been cut out with a craft knife and featured on the card. The background used is actually a textured background with pink raised dots.

The rectangle frame was cut and covered in bright glittery washi tape and both the frame and the cupcake were stuck down using double-sided foam squares to give it some depth.

Finally, the glitter on the cupcake and larger pieces of sparkly gems represent the icing and sweet treats. It looks good enough to eat and will surely put smiles on the menu!

happy birthday cards

Kids Birthday Cards Idea # 4

Who doesn't love a bit of Disney birthday magic? This birthday greeting card uses the iconic Mickey Mouse head silhouette as a cut-out on the front of the card. This cutout reveals the age of the child which is adhered inside the card and the number can be as bold and bright or subdued as you wish.

There is a trick to getting this card right though as once you cut out the Mickey Mouse shape, the card has no support and flops around a lot. You will need to adhere a sheet of acetate (or in my case, a sturdy piece of plastic from the packaging of some stamps I purchased) to the inside front of the card to give the card some support. Mine was cut slightly smaller than the card and adhered using both glues, and then washi tape in a border around the edges to neaten it up.

The number five was created by layering strips of washi tape on some card, and then drawing and cutting the number out of it. Some gold botanical stamps were added to the inside to add interest before gluing down the number and finally, some sparkly stars were glued on top of the clear plastic sheet to give it some Disney birthday magic.

birthday greeting card

Once again, I really hope you have been able to draw some inspiration from these birthday card ideas for kids and I would love to see what you come up with.

If you are new to the world of card making, check us out at cardmakingcollective and we will help and guide you through your card making journey!

Happy Card Making!

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