10 Creative Holiday Card Ideas to Celebrate The Festive Season

holiday cards
Make your holiday season extra special with these amazing card making ideas
Holiday cards are the best, right? There is nothing quite like the holiday season and what better way to get in the festive spirit than to start working on your holiday card ideas that your friends and family would surely love.

Although, this isn't so fun when you can't actually come up with any creative card ideas. So, to help you along with your festive card making, we have come up with 10 easy holiday card ideas to celebrate the festive season.
  Table Of Contents
1. Christmas Bauble
  2. Turkey Design
  3. Candle Design
  4. Leaves and twine Design
  5. Xmas Card Design

Holiday Card Ideas #1

christmas card ideas
The inspiration for this simple Christmas card idea was taken from page 39 of the book, 599 New and Inspiring Card Making Sketches. This book is great because as you can see from the photograph below, it provides the ''bare bones'' of the design and you are free to use your creativity to bring it to life.
The book is sorted by theme so all I had to do was head to the ''Christmas'' section and choose from one of the many designs.

It can be hard to get my hands on scrapbooking paper that doesn't cost a fortune where I live so for this whole series on holiday card ideas, I made do with what I already had at home.
As that I was completely out of holiday-themed paper, I dug out some rolls of Christmas gift wrap that were stored in the cupboard from last year and put them to good use.

The below card doesn't need much of an explanation as it's a nice design that is simple and quick to put together. The background is made from Christmas wrapping paper and the other elements were cut from scrap pieces of paper.
Finally, the card was finished off with a small piece of red and white twine so that the bauble appears to be hanging.
sketch for christmas cards

Holiday Card Ideas # 2

thanksgiving holiday greeting card
Give thanks to your family and friends with this fun thanksgiving card
This thanksgiving card plays on the theme of the thanksgiving turkey, although this one is a little too cute to end up on the dinner plate. The child-like turkey was hand-drawn onto cardstock and cut out with a nice white border to help it stand out.
Although the base appears to have holes around the edge, it's actually a silver paint pen that I've used to create dots.

The turkey's fabulous feathers are the main attraction and although I have created mine with strips of washi tape, they also look great made from pieces of scrap ribbon or brightly colored pieces of paper.

Holiday Card Ideas #3

merry christmas card
The inspiration for this Christmas card idea was taken from page 42 of the book, 599 New and Inspiring Card Making Sketches. You can see from the photographs below that although I haven't copied the design exactly, it's pretty obvious that I have used this card sketch as my inspiration.

Again, this is a card made entirely from scrap pieces of paper except for the exception of the giant candle. This was created with a strip of washi tape for the candle itself and some markers for the flame and candlewick.
cardmaking sketch for christmas cards

Card Ideas #4

thanksgiving card idea
Hand drawn art used as card embellishments
This Thanksgiving card is my absolute favorite out of this list of 10 holiday card ideas. I love how the soft tones capture that magical moment between Autumn and Winter and how this contrasts with the black border.

This card idea started with a black square base. I then used an orange watercolor pencil on a piece of watercolor paper to create a soft warm tone that gradually fades into the white of the paper. The leaves were a DIY printable and I used some leftover twine to finish it off.

Holiday Card Ideas #5

christmas cards
The inspiration for this Christmas card idea was taken from page 47 of the book, 599 New and Inspiring Card Making Sketches. I once again used Christmas wrapping paper for the patterned piece, adhering it down to an orangy/red cardstock base.
The remaining elements were sourced from my scrap-paper collection and my one and only Christmas-colored twine was used for the ''lights''.
xmas cardmaking sketch
An easy to follow sketch template for your holiday cards

Holiday Cards Ideas #6

holiday greetings card
I really like the idea of this holiday card idea that features Christmas trees as a completely different feel can be given by changing up the texture and color of the trees.
Although I have gone with a more natural colored theme, making use of brown paper and foil paper colored scraps, using wrapping paper or bright colored Christmas prints would add a lovely child-like feel to this holiday card idea.

Holiday Card Ideas #7

happy holidays cardmaiking idea
The inspiration for this New Year's Eve card idea was taken from page 76 of the book, 599 New and Inspiring Card Making Sketches. I have used pre-purchased letter stickers for the wording and the banners were made from washi tape and twine.

I would have liked to have created more banners like in the original sketch however, I quickly realized I would need either a larger card to fit them all on or much smaller and nimbler fingers to make the flags teeny tiny.
new year cardmaking sketch
Discover amazing new year card making ideas by using card making sketches.

Holiday Card Ideas #8

christmas tree holiday cards
I just love the contrasting Christmas-themed color scheme of this holiday card idea. It's a simple idea that uses the concept of letting the base color peek through the top layer.
It took a little time and patience to cut and fold the little pieces down and after I completed it, I realized I could have made it easier on myself by doing only half as many branches!
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Holiday Card Ideas #9

new year holiday cards
The New Year's Even themed holiday card idea above was super quick and simple to make. Starting with a blue base, I used a scrap piece of brick patterned paper to create a wall that I could ''graffiti'' the letters on.
The letters on the wall were created with a silver paint pen and some removable vinyl letter stencils. However, the letters in the sky were pre-purchased stickers.

The gems and silver paint pen lines are designed to give the impression of exploding New Year's Eve fireworks.

Holiday Card Ideas #10

silhouette christmas card
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I have always loved the technique of letting the base color peep through from underneath so I really enjoyed this simple card design.
Starting with a green base, I hand drew the tree silhouettes with a small ruler and pencil on the back of the top layer and cut them out with a craft knife. The little star in the top right-hand corner is actually a vintage button that I snapped the back off so that it could be glued on flat.

I really hope this list of 10 holiday card ideas has inspired you to make a start on your own festive season cards. We would love to see your version of any of these designs or even any of your own holiday card ideas.
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