8 DIY Spooky Halloween Card Ideas

halloween cards
Create fun and spooky Halloween cards by following these amazing ideas
Coming up with Halloween card ideas is a lot of fun as unlike other holiday card ideas like Christmas and Easter cards, you have the opportunity to get really quirky and use images and elements that just wouldn't work for any other theme.

To help you get into the spirit with your Halloween card making, we are sharing eight spooky Halloween card ideas that you can DIY at home.
  Table Of Contents
1. Ghost And Ghouls
  2. Spooky Tree
  3. Cute Spider
  4. Eyes In The Dark
  5. All Wrapped Up

#1 - Ghosts and ghouls

ghost halloween greeting cards
Add some theatrics to your card layout with the use of a small light and a transparent cutout
This Halloween card idea is a two-fold card that stands up on its own and features a cute transparent ghost. When you give this card to someone, make sure to include a small battery-operated tea-light candle as they can place it behind the ghost to light it up. Please do not use a real candle and flame for this for obvious reasons!

The photograph of the card doesn't show how I've folded it so I have included some extra diagrams below to take the guesswork out of it. You will need a 12-inch x 12-inch cardstock base and you will be able to make two cards from this one base.

Start by measuring a 6-inch by 12-inch rectangle for your card base. Basically, you can just cut a 12-inch x 12-inch square of cardstock in half. You will need to score two lines at the 4-inch and 8-inch mark as these will be folded in the next step.
halloween cards templates
The diagram below shows a side view of how to fold this card. It also shows where I glued a small bead in place. You don't have to do this, but it helps to keep the card sitting in place when it's open.
handmade card folding template
The ghost shape was hand-drawn and cut out from the base. I glued a piece of plastic from some sticker packaging on top to create the transparent effect and then added a green second layer. This second layer on the face of the card both adds interest, and hides the messy edges of the plastic.

The other elements on this card were created easily with a strip of washi tape and some letter stickers.

#2 - Spooky tree

handmade halloween cards for kids
Give thanks to your family and friends with this fun thanksgiving card
This Halloween card idea is kind of creepy, right? Well, it might be creepy but it's super easy to make.

Starting with a simple black cardstock base, I added a second layer in orange for that Halloween color scheme. Next, I hand-drew the silhouette of a tree (no leaves) onto some scrap black cardstock and cut it out with a craft knife. Just for fun, I did the same with a bat shape.

Using some plastic googly eyes, I glued these onto the tree to make it really creepy. If you don't already have some googly eyes, you can usually find them in the craft section of your local two-dollar store.

Before I adhered the bat to the card, I folded its wings upward a little and only placed the glue on its body. This gives the wings a 3D effect of coming off the card.

Finally, the card was finished off with some letter stickers.

#3 - Cute spider

fun handmade spider halloween cards
A simple card design using stings and cut out embellishments
Cute is not usually a word I would use to describe spiders, but this one kind of is. This Halloween card idea is a great card to give to a child but it's also a great card project for children to create themselves.

Starting with a plain colored cardstock base, glue down a piece of string straight down the centre of your card from the top to around ⅔ of the way down. Next, cut out a roundish shape for your spider body, and adhere it on top of the bottom of the string using double sided foam squares so that it sticks out a little.

Finish the card off by drawing on some legs with a black marker and use some letter stickers for your sentiment.

#4 - Eyes in the dark

eyes in the dark halloween cards
Out of all of these Halloween card ideas, this one sums up my childhood fear of the dark the most. As soon as the light went off for bedtime, I was convinced I could see eyes looking at me from the various shadows in my room. My son seems to have inherited the same overactive imagination!

I didn't start with the base for this project. Instead, I started with a dark brown/nearly black layer cut slightly smaller than my intended base. On this second layer, I hand drew five sets of eyes and cut them out with a craft knife.

Next, I adhered this second layer onto my red cardstock base using double sided foam squares so that it pops out a little, and added a sentiment with letter sticks to the bottom of the card.

Finally, I dobbed some glue in the eye holes and carefully dropped some small black beads on top for the pupils.

#5 - All wrapped up

happy halloween mummy card
Create fun halloween cards by using your leftover paper scraps
I quite like the simple design of this Halloween card idea. It's really quick to make and this is also another project that kids can manage on their own with minimal help.

Starting with a black card base, grab a white or cream piece of paper and cut it slight smaller than the front face of the card so that the card base leaves a uniform black border around the edge. Don't stick it on just yet!

Now for the fun part! Go ahead and tear that white/cream paper into bandage strips, making sure to set aside the top and bottom edges. Stick these top and bottom edges onto your cardstock base first as you will line all the other bandage strips up with these edges.

Next, glue down your other strips in a bandage like fashion, making sure to leave a gap for your eyes to peek through.

Finally, glue or draw on some eyes and finish it off by adding a sentiment with your letter stickers.

#6 - Frankenstein

fun halloween cards for kids
A Frankenstein card design that your kids will surely love
This Halloween card idea uses the image of Frankenstein for the face of the card, but in this instance, it's a happy, child-like Frankenstein.

I actually cheated a little when I made this card. Often, odd shaped card have an odd shaped back to match, with the fold incorporated into the shape of the image. In this case, I made the face separately from various pieces of colored cardstock and then adhered the whole ''face'' to the front of my rectangle card base.

Except for the button eyes and hand-drawn nose and mouth, everything on this card has been made from plane colored scrap paper and cardstock.

#7 - Trick or treat

handmade trick or treat card ideas
Use patterned paper to add intricate background designs
This generic Halloween card idea is actually a mistake that I decided to go with. The letters were stamped messily onto some cute little black flags that I cut from scrap cardstock and they were supposed to hang upside down on the yarn like bunting.

However, when it came time to stick them on, I realised very quickly that I had stamped the letters on upside down. Needles to say, a few swear words followed.

Rather than waste my letters, I decided to use them as is, going for more of a ''letters on a shelf'' idea. You know what? It turned out not so bad after all!

#8 - Cute little mummy

happy halloween greeting cards
This Halloween card idea is simple and you could change out the image for anything Halloween related. The stripes are created with washi tape and although I hand drew the cute little mummy, a Halloween themed stamp set would be ideal for this card.

Have you made a DIY spooky Halloween card yet?

I hope that you have been inspired by these DIY Halloween card ideas. We would love to see your take on some of these ideas.

Happy card making!
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