8 Simple DIY New Year Card Making Ideas

New Year Card Making ideas
Welcome the new year with a bang with these amazing card making ideas!
New Year card making ideas don't always need to be complicated. When it comes to holiday card ideas, although it's fun making something tricky every now and then, a lot of the time a simple card can look really great.

I'm going to share with you 8 simple DIY new year card making ideas that you can try at home. All of these cards are 6-inch x 6-inch in size. Why? Because I can make two cards from one 12-inch x 12-inch piece of cardstock by cutting it straight down the middle. Simple!

#1 - Make a simple striped washi tape design

This new year card making idea was quite easy to put together, making use of washi tape and a pre-purchased tag as the main elements. Starting with a yellow card base of 6-inch x 6-inch, I then cut a white top later of cardstock that measured 5.5-inch x 5.5-inch to use as the face of the card.

On this white piece, I layered my silver and gold glitter washi tape diagonally so that it covered approximately half of the card. The ends of the washi tape were tucked underneath out of sight.

Next, I grabbed a blank pre-purchased tag shape and decorated the edges with a silver marker, a DIY printable for the sentiment, a wooden star, and a cute little wooden peg. The whole thing was glued onto the white card.

To finish the card off, I adhered the decorated white front onto the yellow card base with double-sided foam squares to give it some depth.
striped new year card
Washi tapes are perfect for creating borders and linear designs for your cards.

#2 - Make a simple wavy design

Much like idea #1 above, this new year card making idea makes use of the same yellow and white cardstock. I started by cutting my white cardstock base at 6-inch x 12-inch which when folded, gives me a 6-inch x 6-inch card.

A piece of yellow cardstock was cut to 6-inch x 6-inch. Using a pencil, I drew two wavy lines parallel to each and running horizontally through the middle of the yellow cardstock. Next, I cut along these two lines so that my card was now in three pieces. The middle piece was discarded into my scrap pile for another day and the top and bottom pieces were adhered onto the white cardstock base using double-sided foam squares to give it a little pop.

The card was then finished off with some wooden letters, twine, and a marker to write the year.
happy new year card design

#3 - Use a simplified color scheme

Using a color scheme of no more than two contrasting colors is another simple new year card making idea. Using a dark blue cardstock base, I chose gold as my contrasting color and using a gold paint pen, wrote my sentiment in the middle of the card.

The stars were made from a mini craft paper punch and a scrap of gold foil paper. After a few minutes of using this, I had a nice little pile of gold stars which I then adhered to the card to finish it off.

Quick and easy!
happy thanksgiving card idea
Dark color backgrounds blend well with bright metallic embellishments.

#4 - Cut circles from scrap novelty paper

This new year card making idea uses up your scrap pieces of novelty paper to make an abstract-style card that celebrates the new year.

Using my scraps, I cut out some different size circles that I thought would fit onto my card base. I used scraps of colored foil paper and a scrap of paper that had some watercolor painting experiments on it.

I moved these circles around on my card base and when I was happy with the result, stuck them down using a glue stick. My sentiment was created with some scrap cardstock and a pinkish/silver paint pen which I then adhered to the card with double-sided foam squares to give it some depth.
Scrap paper new year card idea
Use your scrap novelty paper to make amazing embellishments for your cards.

#5 - Create an animated digital new year card

This new year card making idea is for your friends and relatives who are conscious of reducing their paper footprint. Using an online program such as PicMonkey or Canva, you can easily create both animated and non-animated cards to send to your friends via electronic means.

I used PicMonkey to create the animated card below. Starting with a square blank 'canvas', I was able to add text, an animated border, bright fireworks, and a nice colored background by simply dragging and dropping the elements where I needed them.
Digital new year card

#6 - Use circles to showcase the year

This new year card making idea uses a simple color scheme and uniformly cut circles to showcase the year.

Starting with a pale yellow card base, I drew some horizontal lines to represent rope using a fine black marker. Next, I cut out some blue circles using a craft paper punch and using numbered stickers, placed one sticker on each circle for the year.

These blue numbered circles were adhered to the card base with double-sided foam squares for a 3D effect. To finish off the card, a few strips of curling ribbon were folded in half, curled, and glued onto the card. I made sure to push the folded edge of the curling ribbon under the circles to keep it neat.
New year circle card design
Pick color combinations that have good contrast with each other.

#7 - Use DIY printables for a boozy design

This boozy new year card making idea is both simple and effective. Starting with an orange cardstock base of 6-inch x 6-inch, I cut a slightly smaller square of 5.5-inch x 5.5-inch from light grey cardstock and adhered it to the card base.

Next, I used a DIY printable of champagne glasses which I printed directly onto cardstock and adhered to the card using the double-sided foam squares for a 3D effect. The sentiment was handwritten and I had a sheet of sparkly self-adhesive gems which I used to make this card sparkle.
Boozy new year card
Use foam squares to make your embellishment pop out.

#8 - Create a heartfelt new year card

This new year card making idea uses a simple color scheme and a heart theme. Starting with a dark blue cardstock base, I drew a dotted border around the outside edge and heart shape in the middle using a silver paint pen.

Using a mini craft paper punch and some scraps of silver foil paper, I then spent a few minutes punching out a little pile of heart shapes. Next, I adhered these cute little hearts to the card, keeping in between the large heart in the center and the border. To finish the card off, I cut a banner from white cardstock and wrote my sentiment on it with a marker. This was adhered to the card using double-sided foam squares to give it a little pop.
new year celebration card
So there we have it, 8 new year card making ideas that are simple and won't take up too much of your time. If you are inspired to re-create one of these ideas giving it your own personal touch, we would love to see what you come up with.

Happy card-making!
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