Easy Romantic I Love You Card Ideas for All Seasons

A hand-made card is a great way to show how much you love and appreciate your significant other, or possibly someone you hope might become your significant other. Every handmade card is a beautiful thought not only for Valentine's Day, but anniversaries, weddings, proposals, holidays, other occasions, and of course, just ''because''.

So without further ado, here are six lovely card making ideas to revel in love and romance the old-fashioned way, with a personal hand-made card for all types of occasions!
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Idea #1: Wrapped I Love You Card

In this design, I used fabric to enclose the actual card design so that the recipient needs to unwrap it like a present before seeing their beautiful message. Any kind of fabric will do however remember that most fabrics fray, so unless you are using something that doesn't fray too much like jute, you will need to sew up the edge, use fray stop, or use the fray as a feature.

The bunting is made using felt because I wanted to keep with the theme of fabric with this card however you could easily use a cardstock.
I think this would be a great wedding invitation idea! You would just need to print the event information in place of the image.

The graphic was hand-drawn on the card but if drawing is not your thing, it will look just as great with a pre-printed image or even photo.
Bonus: Check out the link to learn more "Wedding Card Ideas To Make"!
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Idea # 2: Easy Valentine's Day Special

I created a scrapbooking page a little while ago that included a series of little mini-envelopes on the page to keep and store ''love notes''. I fell in love with the concept of making cute little envelopes out of beautiful paper and have used the idea in this romance-themed card. I think this card would be fantastic if you're looking for ideas for DIY Valentines day card.

Making the envelope is easy peasy and there are plenty of free templates online if you do a quick google search. Alternatively, you could draw up your own template on cardstock by beginning with either a square or rectangle shape and adding a triangle shape to every side.

Unlike my scrapbooking mini-envelopes, this one doesn't actually hold anything but the message of your love for a special day. It's purely for decoration!
The little hearts were created with a paper punch and were arranged to appear that they are flying out of the opened envelope.

This love card project is fantastic for using up paper scraps because you get to use up all those extra snips you've used in scrapbooking!
cards for him

Idea # 3: Cards for Him

I have always been drawn to bold colors so I adore the opportunity to brighten someone's day a little with a really stand-out color scheme. This card is also a great scrap paper stash buster, using strips of bright colored paper, either patterned or plain, on the left two-thirds of the page.

If you are looking for anniversary card ideas, this card design is perfect for you, be it for a boyfriend or girlfriend!

The mini hearts are created with a craft paper punch and are placed in such a way that they tie in with the color strips. Arranging the colors is the most satisfying thing about making this card although if you were to ask my five-year-old daughter, she will tell you I got it wrong because the colors are not in the order of the rainbow.

The hearts are stuck down with double-sided foam squares to give them a little ''pop''. This is a great idea especially if you want to celebrate multiple occasions on a single day with the love of your life. It's always a good idea to show them that you care in every possible way even with just a thoughtfully made romantic love card.
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Idea # 3: Cards for Him

See, you don't always have to shop for embellishments! I only ended up using 6 strips in the final piece so you shouldn't need more than around 10 strips. Once you have a small stack of strips in fun colors, it's now time to prepare your treasured photograph.

I chose a photograph of my son wearing some home-made Mickey ears which we had fun making over the last school holidays. We had planned an epic vacation to Magical Disneyland in California but as that international travel is off the cards at the moment and alas, Australia has no Disneyland, we made do with a Disney crafting, movie, and baking day at home.

Of course, this step is purely personalized and you may decide to adhere it straight onto the page as is with no preparation required. I mounted my picture onto a cream-colored background using self-adhesive photo corners to add character. Given the darker section in the background of my photograph, the lighter-colored border helps the picture stand out a little more against the dark silhouette on which it will sit.
mickey silhouette design

Idea # 4: Cards of Heart

With a few friends and family celebrating anniversaries over the next few months, this romance-themed card was created as an anniversary card idea. I like the concept of using a single color as the dominant color and what better color to use than the color of love... RED!

This card is super easy to make. The red cardstock was used as a base and before sticking the white card stock down, some cute hearts were cut out using a craft knife. This allows the bold red to peek through every colorful love heart.

Embellishments on this card were kept simple with a piece of twine glued on with a little bow to give the appearance that the hearts are dangling by a string.
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Idea # 5: Hot Full of Love Cards Design

Exploring the idea of cut-outs, this lovable card idea uses a half-circle shape cut out as the feature. Unlike the idea above, a beautifully patterned cardstock is used on top.

A craft paper punch was used to make the cute little embellishment, which was attached with a double-sided foam square to give it some depth.

Not being great with love messages myself, I have used the lyrics to ''Can't Help Falling in Love,'' which was made famous by Elvis Presley, printing them directly onto card stock and sticking them on the card.
Valentine’s Day Card Idea

Idea # 6: Blooming Cards Design

Although it's really nice to have lots of fancy equipment for card making, I'm a firm believer that you can create beautiful cards with just the basics. With that in mind, this card was created using scraps of cardstock, a few papercraft punches, and a stamp lettering set.

The inspiration for the layout of this card came from the super useful 599 New and Inspiring Card Making Sketches book.

I chose a matching pattern for this sweet card idea, one with a pink background and one with a white, using the contrast of the white cardstock as a way to make the color really stand out.
As always, I really hope you have found some inspiration with these romance card ideas and I'm excited to see your cards inspired by these.
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