Card Making Kits: A Quick Supplies Guide Before You Buy

Whether you're a beginner or a long-time card maker, card making kits will always be something to look forward to. And if you're really green in the crafting world, then allow us to introduce you to what these fantastic card making kits are!

Card making kits are basically a box of crafty happiness! There are kits for every kind of card you could ever wish to create, like Christmas, Birthday, Holiday, Floral, and even Business-themed cards! These boxes are curated in a way that everything you need to create a card is included in the box.

While the card making supplies in every box will vary according to what kind of kit you purchase, we have a list for you of the must-have items in a card making kit!

#1: Cards and Envelopes

card making kit
Get started on your card making using the cards and envelop set with your kit.
I personally love kits that include cards and envelopes. This works well for those who want to try card making for the first time and save time on cutting and creating your own cards and envelopes.

Plain ones are always the best kind because it's like your blank canvas, you can play around and have it personalized the way you want to.
Side note: Check out our article about cardstock and discover the best cardstock for greeting cards!

#2: Printed Paper

card making kit papers
Make your own unique embellishments for your cards out of printed papers.
While you can easily buy printed paper pads or recycle old crafts paper you have at home, your card making kit will always include some for your project!

These paper pads will add a lot of colors and help you achieve the card project kit you chose.
You can use them in various ways like front card cover design, photo mat, or create your own embellishments with them by using decorative paper punches or your die cutter.
foiled vellum papers for card art kit
Another type of paper you may find in your kit is vellum paper. These are such fun specialty papers that will give your cards a more elevated look. Foiled vellum papers are the best!

#3: Craft Pens

card making markers
Look for Archival Ink Pens for better writing quality.
Knowing what type of craft pen to use on what paper is very useful knowledge in this hobby.
With your card making kit, you may be able to get a few different ones to explore with. While these pens are curated to work with the supplies included in your kit, you may want to browse and search online what type of pen you have before using it on your other projects.

As there is a wide array of crafting pens available, you should always try the pen you want to use on a small portion of your paper or card to see how it will perform before you create your card title or design.
This technique will help you rule out the top three things you don't want your pen to do: bleeding, smudging, and feathering.

#4: Stickers and Die Cuts

sticker embellishments for card making kit
Did you know there are kits specifically for sticker lovers? No? Well now you know, you're welcome!

Stickers are such a fun way to add design to your cards so you'll always get them in your kit. You have glossy ones, matte, glitter, holographic, puffy, and so on! If you have some journaling stickers, they work too!
die cut embellishments for card making
You don't have to use all the materials in your kit. Save the others for future card projects.
Like stickers, die cut embellishments are also a card making kit must-have! If you don't have a die cut machine yet, these are the best crafts savers!
Imagine a Christmas kit filled with poinsettia, mistletoe, snowman, and reindeer die cuts, now that's a card that I'll be happy to create all year round!

#5: Inkpad

stamp ink pads for card making
Get even more creative by combining two or three ink colors on your card!
There are lots of ways on how to do your cards. And depending on the kit you bought, if there's a need for some stamping then you can expect a stamp pad or two in your card making kit.
Like pens, there are also different types of ink pads and it would save your project the disaster by doing the sample test on your cardstock or envelope.

#6: Stamps and Stencils

card stamps and stencils
Buy acrylic blocks bigger than your stamps for easy stamping!
There are premium kits that you can purchase and those ones will most likely have stencils and or stamps for card making.
Those kit includes either a starter stamp set from their own brand or from other crafts company. Remember to purchase or add on an acrylic stamp block if your card making kit comes with silicone or acrylic stamps.
art stencil sheets for card kit
With stencils for card making, you could expect a few sheets that are on theme with the kit you bought.
Distress inks work best with stencils to get those lovely design details transferred on your card. You'll also need a blending tool to use with your stencils.

#7: Washi Tape

washi tape for card making
Need a card border idea? Get your best washi tape
and go around the tips of your card - instant border!
Most card making kit will include exclusive washi tape designs created for their limited edition kits.
If you are a washi tape collector, then search for particular kits that includes one or a set. The price may be a bit higher but you can definitely invest in washi tapes because they are such versatile crafting tools!

#8: Adhesives

card making adhesives
Another card making must-have are adhesives. As these kits aim to have everything you need in a box, adhesives are not to be missed.
Though you may expect that they will include quality ones, be sure to read and check that they are acid-free and photo-safe if you're working with photos on your card.
And last but not least...

#9: Card Making Kit Instruction Booklet

Card Making Kit Booklet
Save your booklets for future card project reference!
Of course, every kit includes an instructional booklet about your card project. This makes sure that you can recreate the kit on your own easily.
For example, if you bought a Christmas-themed kit, your booklet may include instructions on how to make a snowman embellishment for your card!

If it's a beach holiday project, then you may get a step-by-step process on how to do a sandy background for your card. It's so fun!

Final Thoughts...

Now that you're aware of the supplies you can expect from a card making kit, are you keener to get them, or do you think you'll want to build your own stash? My opinion on this depends on how using them would apply to me.

If I'm a beginner card maker, I would definitely grab a kit or two and lose myself creating cards and just have fun.
As these kits are created for fun and exploration, I would recommend them for beginners. Plus, the supplies and embellishments you'll get from it can also serve as part of your first stash!

However, if you are someone who's been doing cards for quite a time, these kits may not be a good investment for you. Price-wise, buying your own supplies from premium brands would serve you better in the long run.
But of course, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't ever get one or five of these amazing card making kits.

I hope we're able to help you learn more about these fun card making kits, until next time! 💖


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