Create a Modern Card Design Using Thread!

Want to make something modern with your next card design without too much effort? Get a thread from your sewing kit and follow this technique!

For today's tip, let's create an extraordinary card with this cool thread trick!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The things that you'll need are your cardstock, glue, sentiment on paper, and thread!

Let's get that thread rolling!

Step 2

Get your thread and wrap it around your four fingers, about four times. Make sure that you are wrapping it up not too tight. We do this to try and form a circular shape that's thick enough.

Step 3

Trim the thread off and loosen it up so that it could swivel around the sentiment as seen below.
loosen up thread
thread over sentiment

Step 4

Once you are happy with the coverage of your thread around your sentiment, you can now get your fine tipped glue and spread a thin circle of glue so you could adhere your thread.
Make sure to let it sit gently on the sentiment. Don't let all the thread stick to the glue because it changes the fluidity of the thread.
You'll end up with this lovely modern theme! Isn't that amazing?
There are just lots of possibilities and designs that you could do with this technique! This one is quite simple and minimalist but you can go all out on your card!

Just let your creativity flow!
I hope you enjoyed this wonderful card making tip! Stay tuned for more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!
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