Modern Card Making: Stencil Trick

Creating modern cards can be quite intimidating especially when you are just starting out in your card making journey.

For today's tip, I'm going to show you an easy technique on how to create a modern card using modern shapes from stencils.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1:

The things that you need are: a cardstockbrochure (make sure it has a shiny and thick paper material), scissorsmetal rulercraft knifespongeacrylic paints, some stamps and, embellishments.

Let's start creating our fabulous modern card!

card making materials

Step 2:

I got my brochure here. First thing to do is to cut the paper down to size as it gives you an idea of what sizes and shapes you are looking for.
glossy brochure

Step 3:

Inside that stencil we are going to create 2 contemporary shapes using our metal ruler and a craft knife. 

I am going to do it free hand as seen below. 
DIY stencil
Remember that it doesn't have to be perfect but keep in mind that when you are doing this, you are looking for the negative space of the paper.

Quick tip: Be really careful not to cut too big, as you won't be able to trim it down. Start small and if you feel like you want to open it a little bit more, you have the option.
negative space

Step 4:

Get your sponge and acrylic paints. You will need a bit more acrylic when using a sponge because it absorbs a fair amount of it.

Also, using a glossy paper as your stencil really works for your layout as it won't absorb the paint. 
acrylic paint

Step 5:

Place the stencil on top of your paper then rub the paint into the shape that you have created. This imprints the paint to the exposed part from the stencil.
card stencil
Lift if off and there's your first shape. Isn't it funky? Stencils are just amazing. So simple yet looks brilliant!
shape stencil

Step 6:

Now we move over to our next stencil, we layer over the top of the first shape where you want it to go and do exactly the same thing.
stencil card
As you can see, I added a darker color this time- Sienna, just to add that lovely contrast.

Remember that you can play around with the intensity of color just by changing the different brush strokes. If you want the color to be lighter, you just swipe. And if you want if dark, just dab.
Sienna acrylic paint
modern shapes

Step 7:

Next, get a card to mount your paper on. As for me, I chose this blue card. This blue color works really well with my paint.

blue card

Step 8:

You can now add some more elements to complete it!

As for me, I used this really lovely wheat-like black stamp and stuck it right in the middle. I think it works perfectly well against the Sienna!

wheat stamp

It's a really simple idea for a sharp and pretty card!

diy card stencil
There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this lovely card making tip! Stay tuned for more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!
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