Level-Up Your Shaker Cards with A Double Die Cut Technique!

As a crafter, we always look for cardmaking ideas that are not only pretty but would also bring out sparks of joy to the people that we give it to.

If you remember, we created this awesome shaker card on a previous tip. This time, I'm going to share with you how to level-up your next shaker card with a double die cut!

It may sound tedious but it'll be worth it! I assure you that it's going to put a smile on your loved one's faces!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The materials that you'll need are: card stock, acetate, double adhesive, foam tape, craft knife, frame die of any shape and another die of any design, die cut machine, die cut folder, and sparkles!

Let's get sparkling!

Step 2

Get your die cut frame and create a partial die. As for me, I chose a circular shaped one, but you can choose whatever shape you want.

In creating a partial die, we do not want the lower section of the die to come apart. So we need to position the die cut frame just off the end of the plate. You might also want to put a tape on the frame so it won't move around as seen below.
Once you've run it in your die cut machine, you'll be left with this flap.
partial circular die cut

Step 3

Now get your other die cut frame so we could make your second die cut.
As for me, I chose this wonderful bike figure. This one will sit inside my circle!
bike die cut over pink paper

Step 4

And then do the same procedure again. But make sure that you don't cut all the way to the bottom as we want it to stay in one piece.
die cut folder

Step 5

And now we have our lovely second die cut!

What you need to do now is to pop all the bits out using your craft knife and maneuver around the part where the die did not go through.
Don't you love the details of my bike die cut? I am so happy with the outcome!
bike die cut

Step 6

Get a piece of acetate with double sided tape and stick it to your paper as seen below.

Step 7

Then stick your foam tape creating a circular shape allowing it to seal thoroughly the inside of your card.
white and pink paper

Step 8

And here comes the absolute fun part! Get your white paper and drizzle your sparkles in the middle section!

Ahhh. I just can't get enough of it!

Step 9

Now carefully fold the card over the top, sealing the sprinkles inside.

Step 10

Then carefully trim the edges as seen below.
Isn't that incredible?

Now you have a breathtaking shaker card with a double die cut twist!
double die cut shakercard
I hope you enjoyed this wonderful card making tip! Stay tuned for more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!
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