Watercolor Cardmaking Technique: Simple and Cute Balloon Birthday Card

A personalized birthday card is a great testament of your love. In this tip, I'll show you how to make a simple and cute birthday card with the use of watercolor!

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Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1:

The things that you'll need are watercolor and brush, a pencil, rubber eraser, gold or silver pen and a cardstock.

card stock

Step 2:

Sketch out balloons using your pencil. If you don't feel confident drawing straight on paper, you can use some tracing paper for your sketch.
balloon sketch

Step 3:

Then, get a nice thin watercolor brush. You can now start building up some really vibrant colors. As for me, I'll be using purple. Just let the watercolor build up a little bit of pigment around the edge. Make sure to stroke with nice and light water in the middle, but lots of lovely pigment around the edge.

Just a tip, I highly recommend moving your paper and as you move it around, you'll have a lovely steady grip and eventually you'll know which angle really works well for you.
purple balloon
purple watercolor

Step 4:

Another thing to note is to wait for the balloon to completely dry before you color on the next one. The colors will bleed in together and you don't want that to happen. Let one dry and build over the top of it.
dry watercolor

Step 5:

Once you're happy that they are completely dry, you can start moving over to the ones that are going to join it. Just find your pencil line, follow it and paint directly over the top. If it is completely dry then it won't mix, it will just layer up. It will definitely look fantastic and realistic!
birthday card

Step 6:

Next thing to do is to completely let the colors dry. They've come out beautifully and I really love that!
balloons card

Step 7:

Our next step would be to get the rubber and remove the pencil lines. You can funk your design a bit by using a gold or silver pen.

As for me, I will be using gold. You can now draw the string lines of the balloons. As you can see, I'm not too worried that I have drawn over the other shapes as well. I think it just gives it a more realistic feel!

gold lines

Step 8:

To complete this birthday card, all we need to add is a lovely little "happy birthday" stamp. As you can see, I used black ink for that.

birthday stamp
For more watercolor card making designs, check out our article "DIY cardmaking watercolor paint design"!

Step 9:

Such a beautiful card, isn't it? You might want to add stars or sparkles on it to give it a bit more personality! 

balloon birthday card
There you go! I hope you enjoyed this simple technique for cardmaking! May this card deliver a smile on your loved one's face! Stay tuned for more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!
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