DIY Cardmaking Technique with Watercolor Paint
A famous painter once said: "Color does not only add a pleasant quality to design – it reinforces it." And what better way to add color to your design than using watercolor!

Today, I am going to share with you an awesome technique for card making using watercolor!
Watch the Video Tutorial Below:
Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:
Step 1:

The things that you will need are different stamps of your liking, a card stock, a circular object (to create a border) and the star of our show- watercolor and brush. Let's begin!

Step 2:
Stamp the flowers into your card. You can interlap different stamps to create a lovely design. As for me, I used my bouquet of flowers in the middle and a large flower that has lots of space in it. I just love how flowers add a fresh feel to my layout!
flower stamp
Step 3:
Next get something circular to draw around as seen below. This is to create an area of focus. I positioned mine like this so it has a little bit of sky and a little bit of flower. You need areas that don't have any part of the circle in them. In this case, they are going to stay brown and white.
cardmaking circle
Step 4:
Get your watercolor and use it to start building up a scene. I started mine with the blue as it will be my background. It is going to be the sky!
blue watercolor
Step 5:
Once you've got your background in there, you can now get to the fun part of filling in with the flowers! Remember, your design doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful!
Also, you have to stay within the circle. I started right on the edge of the circle to remind myself not to go past that point. Then in the center I will be using different colors.
red watercolor
Tip: When you are using watercolors especially when we have image stamps behind it, do not go too strong with your colors. It will get rid of the black - we do not want that to happen. The trick here is to just keep adding water but make sure not to flood your picture. Just dab it with some kitchen paper and it will stop it from saturating the paper cause this is just normal card stock.
watercolor brush
Step 6:
Next thing to do is to rub out the pencil lines and marks on the edges to give it a clean look.

Look at how gorgeous my card looks now! See how I carefully colored within my circular border?  It's looking absolutely fantastic!

DIY card watercolor

You can also make your designs on a white background, like this. It would also be great if you put titles to your card to give it a more personal touch.

Check out this link to learn a simple embroidery card making technique!

flower card layout
There you go! I hope you enjoyed this easy cardmaking tip! Stay tuned for more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!
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