Shadow Effect for Your Cards with Stamping and Embossing!

Adding a shadow effect to the design elements of your card is a great way to give it more life and personality. It's also not hard to add shadows to your design... embossing makes it really easy and fun!

On this tip, find out how you can add a beautiful shadow effect to a flower stamp just by embossing!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

The materials that you'll need are the following: stamps, embossing powder, heat tool, card stock, and pen.

Let's begin!

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

First, cut and fold a card stock into a card like the one below. I added a 'Happy Birthday' title on the side too but you can use this card for any occasion.
ink-embossed card materials

Step 2

Next, get your stamp collection and choose which design you think would work best for you. I'm using these beautiful plants and floral stamps for mine.
embossing folder

Step 3

Let's start stamping! Using Versmark, I'm stamping these beautiful wild flowers onto my card. I'm putting them in clusters to fill the space more effectively.

Step 4

Once your card is nice and wet with the stamps, sprinkle some black embossing powder all over it. We're using a black one because this first layer will serve as our shadow.
Once your stamped images are fully covered, shake off the embossing powder into a paper. Brush off any excess powders that didn't stick.
embossing folder

Step 5

Using the heat tool, dry it off until the embossing powder is nice and shiny.
Check out how beautiful this first layer is!
embossing folder

Step 6

Now, we can stamp the top layer using the same stamp of wild flowers. Make sure the placement is slightly off from the bottom black layer so we can actually show the shadow effect.
embossing folder
Repeat the same embossing process we've done earlier. I'm using a bright pink powder this time, which is a really nice contrast from the dark color in the background.

Step 7

To finish it off, I just added a line below the stems to serve as the soil. I also added some dots around the flowers to really complete the look and add more flair!
Isn't that gorgeous?
embossing folder
I hope this embossing idea inspires you to give your next card project a shadow element that'll make it more special and unique!

Happy cardmaking!

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