Savvy Stamping Techniques For Your Cards!

Stamps are so versatile, it has no limitations! What's super exciting about it too is that sometimes it comes as a freebie in your favorite magazines!

For today's tip, I'm going to show you different awesome ways to use those free stamps supplies that will surely bring your card to the next level!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The things that you need are: stamps, card stocks, white paperpaper cutter, glue, scissors and archival inks

Let's begin!

card stamping materials

Step 2

Get a stamp of your choice. As for me, I chose this cute little otter image. It also came with sentiment stamps as well, so it's really perfect for card making!

One of the great things that I love about using stamps is that rather than stamping directly into the backdrop of your card, you can mount them on different colors and make them pop!

otter stamp

Step 3

Using my sepia archival ink, I'm gonna set my otter stamp on my white paper as seen below.

Such a pretty and fantastic stamp for a freebie from a magazine! I also think that sepia works well particularly if you are using animals as a stamp!
cute otter stamp

Step 4

Trim the white paper down to size.
diy card stamping

Step 5

For the background, think of a color that will work perfectly with sepia. As for me, I'm going to use a teal card stock. It works really well with the sepia color in our stamp.
card layout idea

Step 6

Get your sentiment stamp and ink it up. As for me, I am using the same sepia archival ink for this.

Mine came with the words: "There is no otter like you"! What a cute pun!

Do you know what I love about sentiment stamps? It cut down the amount of work and also give the opportunity to have a go at being creative with your stamps!

sentiment stamp

Step 7

Next, trim the paper to size as seen below.
sentiment stamping

Step 8

Ink up the edges to give the illusion that it is separated from your background.
card inking

Step 9

Then add the dimension dots and stick it on your paper as you can see below. It slightly raises the sentiment from the background and gives a fantastic dimension effect.
card sentiment

Step 10

Using a paper cutter, trim your background paper to the actual card size.
paper cutter

Step 11

Now, add it on top of another card with a different color.
cute otter stamp card
Look how instant and brilliant that is!

By using the two stamps and mixing contrasting colors, you get a quick and beautiful card!
Here's another stamping tip I wanted to share with you! Instead of using the stamp at the forefront of your card, you can use it as a background too!

Step 1

Using the same otter stamp, I inked it up using a green archival ink.
green archival ink

Step 2

Stamp it on a white piece of paper as seen below.

Now I don't really want it to be that sharp, and so I am going to get rid of my first stamp and allow it to come off the edges. So it sort of looks like wrapping paper wood.
otter stamp

Step 3

And now, we've got this really lovely otter pattern as a background!
stamping pattern

Step 4

Get your card stock and trim it into a smaller size so that we can see the otters in there.

As for me, I used my teal colored paper as seen below.
teal card stock

Step 5

You can now add your sentiment in the middle of a small white piece of paper.
sepia sentiment stamp

Step 6

Trim the white paper down.
sentiment on white paper

Step 6

Then adhere it to the middle.
As you can see, the stamps were used as the background and it has made a completely different look to the one that we have done first.
card sentiment stamps
There are really so many simple ways that you can use these stamps!
You can either use it as a forefront or a background to your awesome card!
card stamp layouts
These are just a few ideas to get on with making some beautiful cards!

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful card making tip! Stay tuned for more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!
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