Ink Embossing Technique: Gorgeous Ombre Cardmaking Effect

Creating gorgeous 3D patterns on your card is easier than you think!
Today, discover how to create a beautiful three-dimensional background for your cards by using a script embossing folder.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The materials that you'll need are: embossing folder of your choice, paper, 3 types of inks, die cut machine, card stock, pop up dots, and glue!

Let's start embossing!

ink-embossed card materials

Step 2

First, find the raised section of your embossing folder as it is where you will be dabbing the ink.

embossing folder

Step 3

Since we are going to create an ombre effect on our layout, divide the folder into three sections and stamp three different inks on it.
Get your first ink, and start filling the upper portion of the folder as seen below. As for me, I decided to use my VersaFine ink since I love its dark pigment.
versafine ink
Then for the second and third parts, pat it again with a generous amount. I used watercolor inks (Warm Lipstick and Spun Sugar) for the next two portions as I would like to experiment on how the colors blend with the pigment ink.
Spun Sugar Distress Ink
Distress Ink Warm Lipstick

Step 4

Get your ink applicator and dab it gently on your folder, taking away any unnatural lines, as seen below.
ink applicator
ink applicator on folder
If you feel like the watercolor inks are a bit lighter, you can spray a bit of water on there and add some more of the watercolor inks as needed.
water sprayer

Step 5

Get your paper and stick it in your folder. You can now press it on to your die cut machine.
white paper
die cut machine
Isn't that gorgeous? You now embossed the ink to the paper!
script embossing

Step 6

Now let's turn it into a card! Tear off the sides of the paper to create a scruffy look which will serve as the background for your card.
torn paper

Step 7

Use pop up dots to stick your sentiment or image. It is also great for giving your design an elevated look!
pop up dots

Step 8

Get a glue tape and adhere your lovely paper background to your card stock.
As you can see, I chose a black card stock to balance the busy elements of my script background.
glue tape
And just like that, you now have a fabulous card design! It's so sophisticated yet simple to do!

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ink embossed card
I hope you enjoyed this wonderful card making tip! Stay tuned for more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!
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