Make Your Own Stunning Cards with a Contrast Effect
Contrast is a great way to add flair to a card!

In this tip, I'll walk you through in creating this fabulous card using a tag and some easy flower drawings!
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Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:
Step 1:

The supplies you will need for this card project are two identical tags of different color. You can also use two different cards but just make sure that they are the same width-wise. You will also need two pens of different colors, box cover, and a glue to stick to bring your designs together.

Let's begin!

cards and tags
Step 2:
Get your tags. As you can see I chose brown and white so that I could create a lovely contrast on my card. Tear half of it, as seen below. Remember that we are purposely doing this to create a rough design and texture to our card.
tearing tag
Step 3:
Once you are done tearing the upper part, you may now stick it directly on top of your other tag.
sticking tag
Step 4:
Next, get your pens and you can now start doodling plants or flowers into your tag. As for me, I used white for the brown and black for the white. The alternating colors give us that lovely contrast we are aiming for!
black ink on white tag
white ink on brown tag
Sometimes you might not feel confident on what you are going to draw, and that's fine! But my recommendation is just go for it! Have a feel of what you want, and you will definitely get that desired outcome!
See how lovely mine came out? You just need to find an inspiration and have a look around at the different styles that you might find.

Now, I am going to show you how to take this to the next level.

design contrast
Step 5:
Stick your beautiful tag into your card as seen below, and use a box cover- it can be a circle, square or any shape you want that you think might create a different dimension to your card. Just make sure it's just the right size for your card.
card design
hexagonal design
For me, I used a hexagonal cover from my hand cream. Then you go directly over the top where your drawing transitions.
Step 6:
Then, do the same thing- keep the black on the bottom and white on top. This is such a great modern take to your designs!
black contrast
white contrast
What a cool and funky card! I just love the negative and positive effect on our design!
Contrasting card design
You can also create your designs directly on your card like this. I just used my embossing powders- silver and copper to create this fantastic design!
embossing powder design
There you go! I hope you enjoyed this easy cardmaking tip! Check the links out if you are new to the world of cardmaking and would like to see some more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!
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