DIY Card Idea From Old and Colorful Book Pages
In card making, materials need not be new all the time. You can recycle old stuff and turn them into something wonderful!

For today's simple card making idea, I'm excited to show you how to create a beautiful card from old book illustrations!
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Step 1:

The things that you need are: old book illustrations, paper trimmer, glue, scissors, and a card stock.

DIY Card

For my card, I will be using this old but wonderful book of the Wizard of Oz. You can choose any book you want, as long as it has vibrant colors and illustrations, and you no longer need it.

Wizard of Oz
Step 2:
Look for an image that stands out and one that you think will complement your photo. Once you find a desired image from the book, you may tear it out
old colorful book
Step 3:
Next, make sure that the image fits the card. Cut it into the right size if necessary, use a paper trimmer.
paper trimmer
This is how it fits mine! I really love this forest scene from the book!
DIY cardmaking
Step 4:
Once you've covered the card with your desired image, it's time to choose some words from the book that will serve as your sentiment. Don't overthink which words to choose! Go with the words that feel right for you!
lines from old books
Step 5:
I picked the beautiful words "I am going to the Land of the Oz to see the great wizard." and cut it out of the page in strips and adhered the words to the front of my card.
Glue tape
TIP: If you can't find a good enough picture from your old books, you can mix and match! Try cutting out pictures from different pages and putting them together for a much more interesting backdrop.
colorful page
page for mounting
There you go! See how easy but beautiful this card is? Don't throw your old books away, try this fantastic card making technique instead.
Finished Product
I hope you've enjoyed this tip! Stay tuned for more amazing card making tips!
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