Cardmaking Technique: Butterfly Silhouette Painting With Craft Punch

There are a lot of clever and unique ways to add design to your card. Using a craft punch is among my favorite!
In today's tip, I'll be using my go-to craft punch to create a lovely butterfly painting effect on my layout!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The things that you'll need are: craft punch (with design of your choice), card, acrylic paint, cotton buds, scissorspacking tape, and a sentiment.

Let's begin!

Step 2

Punch your design on a paper. As you can see, I used my favorite butterfly punch.

Step 3

For this project, we just need the edges of the punched image and not the insides. You can use some packing tape to cover one side and cut very carefully around the edge to protect the integrity of the shape.

Step 4

Adhere the sticky side down as seen below.

Step 5

Dab a paint using your cotton buds and start to create little dots all the around the butterfly.
The color of dots should be more intense up close to the butterfly and sparse away from it.  This will create a wonderful effect on your layout.
Just go nice and thick  with the paint and make sure that all the edges of the butterfly are covered so the shape will actually come up.

Step 6

Use your scissors to lift the butterfly so you won't get your finger in there and mess the paint.
That is so gorgeous! Using two shades of paint will give a nicer effect on your design too!

Step 7

Then, you can complete the look by adding more dots on the rest of the card.

Step 8

Add a sentiment, and you have a complete gorgeous card!
This technique is super easy and fun to do! Who knew you can use your craft punch for this technique?

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful card making tip! Stay tuned for more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!
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