Cool DIY Spinning Heart Card!

Cardmaking is not only a great form of therapy, it's a rewarding expression of love as well!

And so for today's tip, I'm going to show you how to make a cool card that will surely make the heart of your loved one spin with joy!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The things that you'll need are: a heart stencil (to cut around), scissors, glue, string, papers, and a cardstock.

Let's get spinning!

Step 2

Using a stencil, cut out two hearts of the same size from two different papers.

As for me, I've stuck some glue around the outside part of my paper so when I go and cut them out, I'll have identically shaped and sized hearts!

Just a tip: Make sure to have nice contrasting or complimenting colors for your hearts or you can also have both hearts with the same color. Whatever works best for you!

Step 3

Next is cut out a circle in the middle of your main card and your second card 

Make sure that both are of the same size and space as it will be the part where the hearts will spin.
circular frame
circular space on green paper

Step 4

Adhere the hearts together with one piece of string. Make sure it's nice and lined up with the string going through the center of the heart. Think of it as a heart and string sandwich!
string between two hearts

Step 5

Once the hearts and the string are secured together, cut some tape and stick both sides of the the string on the card as seen below.

Make sure that you pull them tight so you'll have a straight line through it, as well as some tension in the string.

Step 6

Put double sided tape around the inside of the card to seal the sides.

Step 7

Then adhere the second paper as seen below.
As easy as that, you now have a fantastic spinning heart card!

Just make sure to twizzle it several times like a wind up toy before closing it and putting it in an envelope.

When your receiver opens his/her card, it's going to spin around!

Isn't that the coolest thing?
spinning heart card
I hope you enjoyed this wonderful card making tip! Stay tuned for more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!
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