Colorful Wax Resist with Crayons and Watercolors!

It seems like we're never going to run out of crayons as long as there are kids in the house! They're everywhere! Seeing them all around the house inspired me with this new exciting cardmaking tip!

Since crayons are made of wax, it's perfect for a wax-resist effect with watercolors! Let's create a unique and colorful card with some crayons and watercolors!

The materials that you'll need are the following: wax crayons, watercolors, paint brush, watercolor paper, and heat tool.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

To begin, I trimmed a watercolor paper into my desired card size.
embossing folder

Step 2

I then prepared various colors of crayons and started making some lines in the card as seen below. I used the yellow crayon first. Create various lengths and thickness for the lines.
ink-embossed card materials

Step 3

Next, get your watercolor and start picking up some paint with your wet brush. Make sure it has plenty of water because if your brush is oversaturated with paint, it may end up not being resisted by the crayon lines.
Start painting directly on top of the lines and watch the colors get absorbed by the paper but resisted by the crayons!

Step 4

Experiment with different colors of watercolor and see which would work well together.

Step 5

As you fill the card more, you can add more lines of crayon if needed. I love how the crayons and the watercolors create a grainy look.

Step 6

Once you're happy with the mix of colors and lines, run it under a heat tool to dry. We're drying it to add another layer of watercolor on top, otherwise it would now all merge in and be a mess.

embossing folder

Step 7

For the next layer of watercolor, I'm using darker colors to add contrast to the whole piece. I just made really thin lines in areas that needed more details.

embossing folder

Now, all you have to do is add your sentiments and more optional design elements. Here's how mine turned out!

embossing folder

I added some strokes of dots using acrylic paint, added a "you are my home" sentiment, and mounted it in a card stock.

embossing folder

The splash of colors made this card look really amazing, but what I love the most is how the wax resist effect turned out! Instead of having an all-smooth watercolor brush strokes, the crayons gave it more texture and personality.

embossing folder

Try this technique and have fun making this card!


Happy cardmaking!

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