Awesome Envelope Card Embellishments from Stamping

Embellishments can make or break your card! 💯That's why it is super important that you give it as much attention as the other elements of your layout!
For today's tip, let me share with you how you can level up your design by creating fabulous envelope stamp embellishments that you can incorporate on your card for any occasion. ✨

Watch the Video Tutorial:

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Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The materials needed are: cardstock, colored papers, black pens, ruler, black archival ink, paper cutter, stamp, and glue.

Let's get stamping!

envelope stamp embellishment materials

Step 2

Ink up your envelope stamp with a black archival ink and press really hard on your cardstock or paper.

What I used is my go-to carved envelope stamp that I utilize whenever I need to create really cool envelope embellishments.

I used also a purple paper for this activity since it is easier to fold than a cardstock. But it is really up to you, whatever kind of paper that is available will do.

envelope stamp
stamp over purple paper

Step 3

Then cut out the printed image as seen below. Make sure to carefully trim it as it will be the main element in your design.

Step 4

Using a ruler, create a line on the part where the envelope would fold. This is so you can achieve a nice and clean overlap.
purple envelope

Step 5

Then with your black pen, add a line following the edges of the stamp, so when you fold it over you'll get a realistic imprint of the image.
black pen

Step 6

Repeat the steps and make three envelopes with different colors. Make sure that the colors compliment so that it would be visually appealing!
three envelope embellishments

Step 7

Stick the envelopes on to your card with an adhesive that you prefer. Mine is a glue tape for faster adhering and a cleaner look.
glue tape

Step 8

Use your black pen to draw lines and join the envelopes together. This will create an illusion of a washing line.

If you have thread on your stash, you can use it instead for a lovelier effect!
washing line effect

Step 9

Write your sentiment on a piece of white paper, trim it off with your paper cutter. You can even add lines around it to give a nice and cute border!
Just a tip: Make sure you get the right pen. I suggest you use a thin black pen to get the words and the flow of your sentiment right.
just a note card
This is such a lovely interactive note card that will be great for any occasion! The color combination of the envelope embellishments are on point, right?
I hope you enjoyed this wonderful card making tip! Stay tuned for more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!
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