Funky DIY Ribbon Embellishment For Your Cards!

One of the things that makes card making fun is that there are lots of  embellishment designs that you can add and create, you just need to let your imagination flow!

For today's tip, I am going to share a really simple but cute DIY ribbon embellishment for your card.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1:

The supplies that you need are: double-sided paper (to make our bow look authentic), card, scissors and a glue.

Let's begin!

diy scrapbook ribbon materials

Step 2:

Cut out two oval shapes of similar size from your double-sided paper. You might want to draw yours out first before you cut, or you can do it freehand. Whatever works out for you!

Don't worry too much if it's not perfect, we can always correct it at the end.
cardmaking tip

Step 3:

Now we are going to cut the ribbon part. Always remember to start long. In that way, you can easily cut away if you need to adjust the size.
diy cardmaking ribbon

Step 4:

You can now cut out the ribbon corners.

Just fold the paper and cut it to a sort of a triangle in the middle so that when you open the paper, it will look like this:
ribbon corners
ribbon for cards

Step 5:

Fold the oval shapes into half as seen below. This is the important part of using a double-sided card stock rather than a single sided one. Your ribbon will look authentic and no white portions will peek out.
how to make ribbon for cards
diy card bow

Step 6:

Cut a small part which will serve as the loop of your ribbon. Then glue them all together!
card making ribbon embellishment
fine glue tip
How cute is that?

You can now put it on top of the card. As you can see, I put mine on top of my black card.

ribbon on black card
You can also add more embellishments or even a title to it. Here's a finished card that is just so lovely! As for me, I added the word "thank you" to give it a lovelier effect!
ribbon embellishment
It's so simple and fun to do! That ribbon embellishment really makes this card stand out!

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful card making tip! Stay tuned for more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!
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