8 Amazing Card Sketches You Can Use to Create Beautiful Layouts

card sketch challenge
Getting started is often the hardest part of card making, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned card maker. I mean, where do you find inspiration when you are struggling to come up with card making ideas??

Well, I use card sketches! A card sketch is a rough outline that simply shows you what goes where on your next card. They save a lot of time, provide quick inspiration and offer plenty of room for your own creativity as you are still in complete control of choosing the cardstock and embellishments.

In fact, two people could use the same book of card sketches and come up with completely different looking cards.

Check out these eight amazing card sketches you can use to create beautiful layouts from the book, 599 New and Inspiring Card Making Sketches.

8 card sketch designs to create lovely greeting cards

Card Sketch #1

The card sketch below can be found on page 7 of the book in the Baby Shower section. As you can see from the sketch on the right, the sketch has provided the ''bare bones'' of the card and has left plenty of room for interpretation.

Apart from the white cardstock used for the card base, the card shown below on the left was created entirely from scraps taken from my scrap tray. I kept fairly close to the card sketch for this one, with only a few slight differences. The larger strip down the middle was cut narrower, the sentiment tag was given a flat end in place of the rounded end, the stars were placed outside the circle border instead of on it, and the circle border itself was cut with a pair of zig-zag scissors.

baby card sketches layout ideas
You don't have to follow each suggestion. Use whatever is available within your supplies stash.

Card Sketch #2

The card sketch below makes good use of white space for an uncluttered look and I wanted to replicate that with my own card, choosing to keep it simple. I decided to hand write the number 40 with a paint pen however I regretted it later. Not to self ... work on calligraphy skills!

I took a more modern approach to the wording in the original, changing it to "#justperfect" with a pre-purchased sticker. My flowers were a hodgepodge of bits and pieces found in a drawer full of small paper embellishments.
This card sketch was taken from page 28 in the 40th Birthday section.
40th birthday card sketch design ideas
Print out the words if you're not confident with your hand writing

Card Sketch #3

I love any opportunity to use my washi tape so when I found this card sketch, I knew I just had to use it as washi tape makes quick and easy candles. The number and wording on my card were from a sticker sheet, however, a bit of glare has made it hard to read in the photograph.

I didn't change this one too much other than to reduce the number of candles. This is a nice, easy and effective card sketch.

This sketch was taken from page 33 in the 65th Birthday section.
65th birthday card making sketches design

Card Sketch #4

The card section below was taken from page 39 in the Christmas section. I have changed the card a little in terms of the bauble shape, stars (I've removed them), and the length and width of the sentiment banner but other than that, have kept it pretty close to the original card sketch shown below on the right.

This card was made entirely of scrap paper, buttons and a sticker for the sentiment.
romantic Christmas sketches for card making
Have different interpretations of the sketch to make it unique

Card Sketch #5

The moustache card below was taken from page 69 of the Fathers Day section of the card making sketches book mentioned at the beginning of this article. I have kept it fairly similar to the original however omitted the suggestion of a striped background as I didn't have anything suitable in my scrap paper pile.

In place of card making sentiments, I have used a heart sticker but due to the glare, it's a little hard to see in this photograph. Washi tape was used for both the square frame and the border on the top and bottom.
handmade card making sketches idea

Card Sketch #6

Taken from page 91 in the Graduation section of the card making sketches book, the card below makes use of a mini paper stack and some scrap paper. A map sheet from the mini paper stack was used as the background for this greeting card and the graduating owl is hand-drawn and cut out.

You can see that I have made a few slight changes from the card sketch on the right (below) but in general, I have stuck to the general plan of this sketch.
graduation card making sketches

Card Sketch #7

I think cards with simple geometric designs are seriously under-rated. Once you have a card sketch showing you where to place the pieces, they are so simple! I have made a few adjustments to my version of this card sketch, using washing tape to make the flags and cutting them into a different shape.

The card sketch below can be found on page 79 of the Generic Celebrations section of the book mentioned at the beginning of this article.
happy birthday card making sketches
Feel free to make some adjustments

Card Sketch #8

The below card sketch can be found on page 118 of the Wedding section of the book, however, I have chosen not to go with a wedding theme for this particular card. My version is more of a general themed card that would suit many occasions.

You can see in the photographs below that I have made a few changes to this particular card sketch while keeping the general overall ''bones'' of the card intact. In particular, I have omitted the banner and replaced the wedding cake with a single cupcake, giving it more of a child-like finish.
birthday card sketches for card making paper crafters
Use embellishments that suits the theme of your card
So, what do you think of these card making sketches? Do you think you will use them in the future? Do you use card sketches now? We would absolutely love to see your side-by-side pictures showing the card sketch and your finished card.

Happy Card Making!


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