Different Ways You Can Use Baker's Twine To Decorate Your Cards!

If you don't have it in your stash yet, baker's twine should be a staple part of your cardmaking supplies. It's a simple element that can really help give your cards an extra flair.

For today's tip, I'll share with you some ideas on how to incorporate a baker's twine or any thread to the overall look of your card!

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Baker's Twine Cardmaking Ideas

To show you my baker's twine ideas, I prepared this piece of cardstock ready with a lovely stamped background.

embossing folder

I actually created a DIY heart stamp for this one using a wine cork! You can try it too, just carve a shape on your cork with a craft knife and use an archival ink with it. It really absorbs well and creates a full color stamp. It's really fun, using a DIY cork stamp is great for making various patterns.

embossing folder
Now, let's jump to the main attraction: the baker's twine! 
embossing folder
You can substitute it with any thick thread or cotton, but baker's twine is really accessible and tend to have a mix of color in it - just like this dark one that is intertwined with some gold.
embossing folder

Ground Your Sentiments In One Side

One thing I love using the twine for is to ground my sentiments or embellishments. Wrap the card around with the twine and just do lots of different directions so it won't go straight.
ink-embossed card materials
ink-embossed card materials

Wherever your twine joins in a certain area, like the left side in the case of our card below, that's where your cluster of embellishments and sentiments can sit.

ink-embossed card materials
ink-embossed card materials

Divide The Space In Your Card

You can also go portrait! It's a nice way to divide up your card.

Just wrap the twine around on one side vertically to split the space in your card like below. Your sentiment can then go horizontally to add another line element to your overall design.

Make a Circle Element

Now, you can ditch a straight angled line for a circle shape. Just wrap the thread on your finger first to form the circle in multiple layers and place it flat on your card.

Once placed flat on the card, just adjust it to make the twine a bit more round. You can then place your embellishment and the twine will act as a background piece!

Wrap and Frame Your Sentiment

Your twine can also be used to frame your sentiment. Wrap the twine on the edges of your sentiment and it will highlight it even more. You can have some bits of the twine sticking on the side too for an added effect.

How To Stick It All Down

You're probably wondering how you'll even be able to stick the twine down on your card. Actually, it's not too complicated!

You have different options when it comes to choosing effective adhesives for your twine. You can use a clear glue like the Bostik Fine and Wide Clear Glue. Just run a swirl on your card exactly where you plan to place your twine.

Another option is the good old trusty glue stick. Just place the end point of the thread on top of the glue stick, press it with your finger, and sort of feed the thread all the way through by pulling it. This makes the thread sticky enough to be stuck down on your card. Warning thought, this can get quite messy so you might want to try putting the glue stick on the card itself first.

Stapling it down also works. Just find a way to make sure that the staples won't ruin the overall look of your baker's twine design, but it really holds them snug!

Final Thoughts

I hope this inspired you to think outside the box and try some different ideas for incorporating baker's twine into your card designs!

I can't wait to see what you can come up with!

Stay tuned for more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!

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