The Ultimate Washi Tape Card Making Guide!

Hey crafters! Today I want to share with you all the fun ways we can make use of washi tapes in cardmaking! If you've been a long-time crafter, whether it be journaling, scrapbooking, or card making, then you must've used a washi tape at least one time.

Or a hundred, or greater than - like me.

Washi tape is my absolute favorite and is one of the best card making supplies that you can get!

They are so amazing to use on just about everything! And now, I want to share with you the four types and ways you can use washi tapes in cardmaking.

1. Lined and Block patterns
These types of washi tapes are going to look gorgeous as borders for your cards! They can also be used as a layering technique when you just want more designs on your card. Stripes, grids, repeating patterns, and plain colors would be perfect.

2. Flowery Patterns
Floral washi tapes are one of the most popular designs. They will look lovely as card borders as well, and you can also cut out some of the flower design on the washi tapes and use them as an embellishment on your cards instead!
3. Seasonal Tapes
One of the many reasons we love doing cards is because of the holidays and personal occasions. Out of all the holidays, I think I favor Christmas above all! Which is why I have so many kinds of Christmas washi tapes! They simply add that festive flair and personal touch on our cards, right?
4. Character Tapes
Among all the types of washi tapes, I would say that character tapes is my top favorite! I love how they are made specifically to be cut-out. These washi tapes can instantly turn into stickers and become embellishments to any crafty project you're working on. Put your washi tape on a backing paper and cut away! Have I mentioned that cutting these out is so relaxing as well?
If you haven't tried using washi tapes on your cards, then I suggest you start now. There are so many wonderful designs that would very much look pretty and perfect on your card projects, I can assure you! You could start looking from Michael's; even Target has a couple of washi tapes for sale, and of course, Etsy! If you're also a scrapper, we have a fabulous washi tape inspired page and embellishment posts for you to enjoy! 
I hope you enjoyed this blog tip on how to use washi tape for cardmaking! Would you like to see me do some card design using these different types of washi tapes?
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