Quick Vibrant Card Background Idea with Watercolors!

We'll just never run out of ideas with watercolors! They just work so well on any cardmaking project!

For this tip, we'll create a super easy and quick card background with the help of watercolors! Find out how simply playing around with it can make your cards burst with life and color!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is prepare your watercolor set. Not all watercolors are the same, there are sets that will definitely provide better pigment. However, those can be super expensive as well...

For this project, feel free to use your kid's cheap watercolors! Prepare a clean water on the side and get your preferred brush as well.

embossing folder

Step 2

I have a watercolor paper here that I trimmed to my desired card size. I'm using a plain white one to make sure that the colors would show as is and stand out!
ink-embossed card materials

Step 3

Wet your brush and pick up some of the pigment in the watercolor. Decide which color you'd like to start with, but I'm starting mine with a vibrant red.

ink-embossed card materials

Position your brush flat onto the paper as seen below, and carefully run a line to color the surface.

ink-embossed card materials

Go back over the line with your brush to spread the colors a bit more evenly, but it's not necessary for our colors to be solid and flat. The grainy and faded saturation is part of the appeal.

Step 4

Next, pick up another color and just repeat the process. You can also try and mix two shades of colors for a different effect. I tried doing it with a dark purple mixed with a lighter purple, producing the color below.

Step 5

As you go along, just choose other colors that would complement your starter ones. Don't think too much about how it's going to look in the end, just try to play around and enjoy the process!

Step 6

If you want to add colors in between, make sure you dry it first with a heat tool. This will prevent your new layer of watercolor from mixing with the first ones.

Step 7

I just added more colors on top of it based on what I felt made sense. I just tried to blend them altogether by adding more water to move the colors around.

Isn't that just gorgeous? Just run it under the heat tool again to completely dry.

Step 8

Once you're happy with that, you can then add your other embellishments and sentiments. I suggest using die cuts with darker colors for a beautiful shadow effect.

I added a cool mountain die cut on top of mine and it just looks fantastic! The colors behind look like an afternoon sky bursting with all the colors!

embossing folder

Go ahead and try this quick card making idea! Remember to enjoy the process, and I promise your background would eventually just find its way!

embossing folder
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