Must-have Cardmaking Supply: 3D Pearl Paint!

As card makers, we are always on the lookout for cool supplies to add to our craft stash! Recently, while shopping in a store, I made a great find on a bargain section!

These awesome 3D Pearl Paint bottles really caught my eye! Keep reading to see how it can help us create amazing cards!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

I was able to score on four 18 ml bottles with different colors. It only cost me about two dollars each, it's definitely a steal! You can find these on any craft store near you, or you can always order online.
embossing folder
Now, what exactly is a Pearl Paint?
ink-embossed card materials
It's basically just a thickened paint that produces a beautiful pearl finish once dry. It has a small nozzle that makes it really easy to control the amount of paint as you squeeze.
ink-embossed card materials
When it comes to making cards, I found that it really is useful for making beautiful 3D sentiments. It's really easy to write with it, just gently squeeze the bottle and slowly move the nozzle on your card as you go.
You can also use it to create snazzy embellishments. I made these simple and small dots just by squeezing a small amount, and you can tell that its shiny effect can help you level up your cards!
embossing folder
Just remember, it can take a bit of time to fully dry. I suggest leaving it alone overnight so it can completely harden and have that shiny surface.
Here is a finished card I made with the help of the 3D Pearl Paint. I just wrote 'Hello' on a sheet music paper that I trimmed to mount on this beautiful card background.
Don't be afraid to try out new supplies for your card making! On your next craft store visit, a 3D Pearl Paint is definitely something you might want to check out!

Happy cardmaking!

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