Make Your Card Sentiments More Exciting With 3D Pearl Paint!

Sometimes, the same old card sentiments can become boring over time. I usually use die cut sentiments and they usually do the trick for creating lovely cards, but I thought... how can we level it up?

That's where the 3D pearl paint comes in! Keep reading to discover this incredible cardmaking trick!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

This is a really simple technique for making your sentiments more fabulous! All you need is your die cut sentiment and a 3D pearl paint.

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Before we begin, what is a pearl paint?
embossing folder
It's basically just a thickened paint that produces a beautiful pearl finish once dry. It has a small nozzle that makes it really easy to control the amount of paint as you squeeze.
I'm using this yellow one which I got really cheap in a dollar store. This is such a great addition to your cardmaking stash because it doesn't cost much but it lets you create lots of incredible designs!
ink-embossed card materials

Now, to start making our sentiments extra creative, all we need to do is prepare a die cut sentiment and start filling it in with some pearl paint.

Just squeeze the paint and go over the direction of the sentiment. If you apply too much paint on certain spots, you can easily spread it out evenly with the nozzle.
And that's it! Just leave it to dry overnight and it's a ready addition to your cards! I would not suggest using a heat tool for this because the paint is so thick that it can be easily moved around with the blowing air.
embossing folder
embossing folder
Look how amazing it looks on this card. The 3D and shiny effect really makes the whole card more appealing and beautiful!
embossing folder
Isn't that just an awesome trick? It's such an easy way to make your card sentiments stand out.

Happy cardmaking!

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