Halloween Card Idea: Embossed Jack-o'-Lantern Design

If you loved our DIY Jack-o'-Lantern card embellishment last time, you'll love this new Halloween cardmaking tip too!

For this tip, we'll create another pumpkin card design that screams Happy Sppoky Halloween!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

The materials that you'll need are the following: card stock, die cut, distress ink, Versmark watermark, heat tool, black pen, and DIY stamps.

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The first thing we'll do is die cut out a circle in a scrap paper. We'll be using the negative part as a stencil for this project. Make sure to keep and set aside the actual circle cutout we got from it.
embossing folder

Step 2

Position your circle stencil in the middle of a card stock. Then, grab the circle cutout as seen below and draw some wavy lines at the bottom.

Cut it out with a scissor and place at the top and bottom of our stencil. We added them to our stencil to replicate the pumpkin shape more accurately.

ink-embossed card materials

Step 3

Hold the stencil down together and let's start coloring it in! I'm using a Carved Pumpkin distress ink and the orange color is just so vibrant and perfect!

Step 4

Once you fill in the entire pumpkin shape, pull your stencil away carefully. You should be left with something like mine below.
Dry the ink off thoroughly with a heat tool.
embossing folder

Step 5

Now, we'll be using the DIY Jack-o'-Lantern stamp we made last time again. It's just made of some foam tape cut out into the eyes and mouth of a grinning Jack-o'-Lantern, then positioned into my stamping block.

If you want to find out the step-by-step for making this DIY stamp, you can read the previous blog here.

What we'll do is ink up this stamp with our Versamark watermark and carefully stamp into our pumpkin shape.

embossing folder
embossing folder

Step 6

Once you stamp the facial features of our pumpkin, pour in some black embossing powder. Make sure you cover all the wet parts.

Step 7

Remove the excess powder from the card and dry it with a heat tool.

Once dry, you'll have a shiny pumpkin grinning face like this!

Step 8

To finish it all off, I added a stalk at the head of the pumpkin using another DIY stamp.

I also added some black lines to highlight the shape of our Jack-o'-Lantern.

And there we have our cute and spooky embossed Jack-o'-Lantern!

It's a simple design you can do for your Halloween cards and you'll be able to create it in no time!


Happy cardmaking!

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