How To Make Die Cut Card Sentiments That Stand Out!

Adding sentiments to your card doesn't always have to be your boring handwriting! If you're like me who sometimes struggle with good penmanship, this tip will be incredibly helpful for you!

Keep reading and find out how to create lovely card sentiments with the help of a die cut machine.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

The materials that you'll need are the following: different colors of card stock, die cut machine, fine tip glue, and stamp bloc.

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

To begin, get two pieces of card stock, die cut machine, and your choice of lettering die cut. Put the two card stocks on top of each other and run it through the machine.

We're using two layers of card stock so our sentiment would end up really thick and will appear to have a dimension effect.

embossing folder
embossing folder

Step 2

Next, I'm going to get another card stock with a different color. I'll run it through the die cut machine as well with the same die cuts that I used earlier.
ink-embossed card materials

Step 3

Now that our die cut sentiments are all here, let's glue the layers of card stock together. I advise using a fine tip glue for easier application. It's really helpful when adhering things like these die cuts that have intricate details.

Step 4

Once you're happy with the positioning of the die cut layers as you glued them, press it down firmly with a stamp block to make sure it is fully adhered together.

embossing folder

Step 5

That looks awesome! It now has a thickness similar to a chipboard which would really look great on your cards!

Another thing you can do to bring it up to the next level is by topping it up with another color. I'm using the die cut we did earlier using a different color of card stock.

I positioned it slightly off to the right to give a shadow effect and it looks fantastic!

embossing folder

Step 6

Of course another option is doing it the opposite way. I put the darker color on the back for a more natural shadow look. This one really highlights the dimension even more.

You can try whatever works for you, just remember to always make sure it is properly adhered all together.

Check out how it looks on my finished card! It's so much better than plain handwriting directly on the card!

Doing it by layers really added the thickness we wanted to make it stand out more!


Happy cardmaking!

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