Create a Rustic Card Design with a String!

Mixed media cards never fail! Because of the creativity we're putting behind it, it's always interesting and unique!

For this cardmaking tip, discover how to create a cool card with the help of a piece of string!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

To start, we have to prep the background of our card. As you can see, I have this interesting color and texture that I was able to achieve with some acrylic paint. I just used an old ruler to get that hard smudge effect.

I used dark colors for the background because we are using some white paint and inks.

embossing folder

Step 2

On a piece of parchment paper, I mixed some white ink and paint to really boost the white pigment.
ink-embossed card materials

Step 3

Next, I'm going to get a piece of string. I'm using wool for this because it's going to absorb more paint and create a better effect.

Just dip the string into the mix of the white ink and paint and sort of saturate it as best as you can. Roll it around, add more paint - try to get as much as paint as you can so we can get strong colors.

Step 4

Now, the fun part! Pick up your string and stretch it as you start printing lines into your card as seen below.

To get a straight line, just press it down to the card and push and pull from left to side or horizontally.

If you want to create a sort of messy mark, slide it down vertically.

TIP: Tape down your card in the mat so it stays in one position as you move and slide the string on its surface.

Step 5

Once you're happy with all the white lines and prints, you can add other elements to really bring out the design. I'm adding a circular shape by picking up some of the white pigment with a paint bottle cap.
embossing folder

Step 6

Isn't that just fab? Now to finish it off, just add more embellishments of your choice.

embossing folder
embossing folder
I ended up incorporating the string as well and it really brought everything together!
Get a piece of string and try it for yourself!

Happy cardmaking!

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