Cardmaking Idea: Colorful Sentiment Stamp with Cool Torn Paper Effect! 

You can easily create gorgeous cards just with some stamping and card stocks! You just have to use your imagination and apply some unique techniques to make it extra special!

For this cardmaking tip, discover how to create a colorful stamp sentiment with a cool black mat that has a torn paper effect!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The first thing you need is a stamp sentiment of your choice. Preferably, use something with some blocks of texts like mine below. I found this one in a thrift store, but you can get any stamp you like as long as it has a wide area. Having this kind of stamp will really let us play around with the colors!
embossing folder

Step 2

Now, prepare three different colors of distress oxides so we can begin inking up the stamp block. I'm using the following colors: cracked pistachio, squeezed lemonade, and kitsch flamingo. These three colors really work well together, so try to choose ones that complement each other for yours.
ink-embossed card materials

Step 3

Get some scrap pieces of paper that you can use as a mask for the parts of the stamp block we don't want to color in just yet.

Line by line, just go down the stamp block and saturate it with the ink as you cover the other parts with paper.

Step 4

After successfully inking the rest of the stamp block, carefully press it down into a card stock of appropriate size.

As you can see, it looks really vibrant and full!

Step 5

Next, carefully cut it out with your scissors. I'm just roughly going right to the edge, leaving no space or border.
embossing folder

Step 6

Once trimmed down, ink up the sides with the same distress oxide colors to bring it all together.

embossing folder

Step 7

Next, to have some tiny bits of embellishments - I colored in some card stocks with the same distress oxides and hole punched some small hearts from it.

embossing folder

Step 8

After that, let's jump into making the mat or border of our sentiment more interesting. I have this black card stock that I trimmed down earlier.

What we'll do is attach the colorful sentiment piece into the black card stock using some glue tape.

embossing folder

Step 9

It's time to create the torn paper effect! To achieve that, grab a ruler and position it on the edge of the black card stock, leaving about half a centimeter exposed as seen below.

embossing folder

Carefully grab and tear the exposed part of the card stock away from the piece. The ruler will help you keep the tear uniform and appear straighter.

embossing folder

Do it across all edges and you'll end up with this cool scruffy look!

embossing folder

Step 10

Now, let's bring it all together by mounting it in the actual card. I just stuck mine right in the middle and added my little heart embellishments.

Isn't that just adorable?

It's such a simple technique that you can do under five minutes but it creates such an awesome effect!


Happy cardmaking!

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