Snazzy Chipboard Embellishment Ideas For Your Cards

Chipboard embellishments are amazing and you should definitely have them in your cardmaking stash! You can actually get them in boxes for really cheap in craft stores.

Chipboard embellishments are made of thick chipboard and come in various fun shapes, perfect for your cards!

For this tip, I'll share with you some ideas on how to make your chipboard card embellishments more snazzy!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Before proceeding, just grab your favorite chipboard shapes from your pile and follow along!
embossing folder

Give Your Chipboard Embellishments a Gorgeous Ombre Effect

One way you can give your embellishments more life is by coloring them in with distress oxides.
Prepare multiple colors of distress oxides that would work really well together.

Before inking them up, I suggest painting the embellishment with white paint. This will make our inks appear more saturated later compared to directly inking the chipboard.

ink-embossed card materials

To create the ombre effect, pick two colors of distress oxides and start inking the first half with one color. Make the top part saturated and just lighten it as you go towards the center.

ink-embossed card materials
ink-embossed card materials
Next, fill in the rest of the chipboard with the other color. You'll see that one the inks meet at the center, it'll create a blended effect. Isn't that just gorgeous?

If you want to seal that color and add a pearl-like effect to the surface, you can pour some clear embossing powder over the top while the inks are still wet. 

Dry it with the heat tool, and you've sealed your beautiful ombre embellishment!

Make Your Chipboard Embellishments Shine With Embossing

If you want to have your chipboard embellishment in one solid color and make it sparkle, you can never go wrong with gold embossing powder!

First, press your chipboard into a Versamark watermark inkpad to wet its surface.

Then grab your embossing powder and sprinkle a good amount on top of it, making sure you cover the whole shape.

Pick up the chipboard embellishment and shake some of the excess powder. Run it under the heat tool to dry.

If you feel like it needs another layer of embossing powder, just top it off with another sprinkle and repeat the process.

embossing folder

This is how my embossed copper gold embellishment looks once dry. Looks absolutely stunning, right?

embossing folder

Go ahead and try these ideas on how to decorate your chipboard embellishments! It's a great way to give your cards an extra creative boost!

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