Lovely Cardmaking Idea With Distress Inks and Die Cut!

Using distress inks for your cards is incredibly satisfying! Blending the colors into your paper is so fun and you always end up with a beautiful base for your cards!

In this tip, discover a cool card making idea with your distress inks and a die cut!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

The materials that you'll need to create this card are the following: paper, card stock, and various colors of distress inks that complement each other.

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

Step 1

The first thing you'll need for this card is your white paper with a cool die cut. It can be any design or shape, as long as it can show up a significant amount of the colors we'll ink up underneath later on.

As you can see below, I'm using this cute small hearts die cut that has a lot of holes to reveal what's behind it.

ink-embossed card materials

Step 2

Next, get a white paper and trim it down to your preferred card size. I want mine a bit of a long and thin one so it can fit my die card more which is more of a portrait style.

embossing folder

Step 3

Now, let's trim down the die cut paper so it can fit better in the card. Since I love the ripped paper effect on the sides, I'm just going to tear it carefully instead of using our paper trimmer.

Step 4

And now the fun part! Let's start inking up our background paper!

Prepare your distress inks and make sure you choose colors that would really complement each other. I'm using mostly greens and yellows because I think it'll blend really well.

embossing folder
What's great about this cardmaking technique is you don't need to make your inking perfect because most of it will be covered by the hearts stencil that we'll place above it later. Just try your best to ink it up and most importantly, have fun!

Step 5

When inking up the paper, I started with a darker shade of color that progressively goes lighter as we go down the card.
embossing folder

Step 6

Once you're done and happy with how you blended the inks, you can put your stencil on top of it to see how the effect looks.

Mine looks like this! I love how simple and subtle the colors are behind but it really stands out!

embossing folder

Step 7

If you want to reveal even more of the colors behind the stencil, you can opt to trim down the stencil even more on the sides.

Check out how mine looks even better when it's smaller and sitting right at the center of the card.

embossing folder

Step 8

Now, you can adhere the die cut or stencil with dimension dots to give it a raised look, or you can leave it flat.

To complete the card, let's add our title! Keeping with the torn paper theme, I ripped a small piece of paper and stamped on the words 'For You'.

Don't forget to ink up the sides of your title so it would stand out from the rest of the elements!

And we're done!
embossing folder
Isn't this such a simple and fabulous card! I love how all the colors and texture come together perfectly!

Happy cardmaking!

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