Card Stamping: Unique 'Love You' Patterned Sentiment!

Expressing our love through cards is a sentimental move that will be cherished forever. But don't just write 'I love you' with a pen, you can make it more special and unique with stamping!
For this tip, find out how you can easily create a gorgeous patterned text stamp card!

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Read the Step-by-Step Guide Below:

The materials that you'll need are: card stock, acrylic blocks, text stamps, distress inks, archival inks, washi tape, and any black pen!

Step 1

To start, I masked off a white card with washi tape and added a few pieces of scrap papers in the corners to cover everything.

Step 2

I prepared two acrylic blocks and attached the stamps 'love' and 'you'.

Step 3

Get your distress inks and start inking up the 'love' stamp. For this one, I used a lucky clover color which I think looks absolutely gorgeous. Make sure you get it fully-inked.

Step 4

Carefully stamp it into your card. We're going to pattern it, layered on and off on the border. As you can see, I put it half on and off.

Step 5

Before proceeding, let's mask off the center too with a little washi tape. This part is where our 'you' stamp will be placed later on. By masking it, all our 'love' stamps won't go through it.

Step 6

Complete the 'love' stamps all the way down. To add variety, I changed the color for the rest of the stamps into fossilized amber. It contrasts so well with the lucky clover!

Step 7

Once done, remove the washi tape masks.
Now, we can top it off with our 'you' stamp at the center. I mixed my magenta and red archival inks to get this beautiful blend of color!
pop up dots

Step 8

And we're almost there! Trim it down a bit and mount it to a colorful and vibrant card stock to add dimension to the layout.

To finish it all off, I added some simple doodle lines in the corners and the 'you' stamp to highlight it further.

Isn't that cute? I really love how raw the letter stamps feel and its overall organic look! This is a really easy card idea that you can try on your next project

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful card making tip! Stay tuned for more upcoming inspiring and creative tips!
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