Card Making Supplies: 6 Must Have!
One thing I love about card making, is the tools!

There are so many card making craft supplies that you can use and buy to create that one-of-a-kind design you want! For today, I'm going to list down some of my must-have supplies when you're creating a card.
1. Printed/patterned papers
These are an absolute must-have when it comes to card making! Although you can create your design on the card or do a classic plain white look, I can say that adding some patterned papers will enhance the look and vibes of your card.
Here, I have some map prints, floral, and some musical notes. It doesn't even matter if your designs are too busy or not because we can always shift the focal point of our card with a few more embellishments.
2. Pens
I LOVE PENS! I have a real obsession with pens! For card making, it helps that you have a variety of them not just in colors, but in style and make. Here, I have a couple of markers, an artist pen brush, metallic pens, gel pens, and even highlighters. It helps to have a lot of different ones so that you can find the best pen that works with the cardstock or decor that you're working at.
3. Old Magazines
I frequent our thrift bookstore for old issue magazines for my cut-out collections, and what I found that works for card making is buying quilting magazines and gallery brochures. 
Here I have some examples of quilting photos from a magazine. How lovely would they look in front or even inside a card, right? What you'll most likely get out from a gallery brochure are copies of the painting on exhibit! So you have your mini-version paintings that would look amazing as a card embellishment or background.
4. Card Making Sketches
These kinds of books will help you so much when it comes to ideas and inspirations! Even though you're following a sketch from a book, it doesn't mean that you're losing the creativity and personalization aspect of card making. On the contrary, you're making it even more creative and personalized!
The way I use the 599 New and Inspiring Card Making Sketches is by looking at the themes that I want to do for my card. This ebook has 26 card themes to choose from! It's amazing! Every occasion you could need, they have it! So when I find the sketch that I need, I gather my stuff and work my card faster than I normally would. You can still make it creative and personalized with the materials you use!
You need this in your stash! You can get your copies by clicking here:
I want a 599 Card Making Sketches!
5. Washi Tape
If you haven't read my previous blog, I've talked about how you can use washi tapes when it comes to card making. I love using washi tapes to decorate my cards! They bring a vibe of whimsy-depends on your washi tape design-on your cards. You can even cut them out and make embellishments out of it! Washi tape application is so versatile in the crafting world! Read more here about how you can use washi tape for card making.
6. Rubber Stamps
Fun fact: a majority of my rubber stamps are alphabet types! I love getting different styles of alphabet stamps! They add that something extra to the look of your cards. When you can't make beautiful handwriting flourishes, these alphabet stamps are your best option! I also like to get them in different sizes so that I can have choices when I create cards.
That's all I'm sharing for now. But I feel like making a part two for this blog because there are just so many card making supplies to talk and share about! What do you think of my list? Do we have the same must-have's? What's your favorite card making supplies?

Now that you have your card making tools, check out our articles full of amazing ideas for card making and start working on your next project.
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